Session 56. Amazing grazing – part 1

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Date: 1 September 2016; 8:30- 12:00 hours
Chairperson: A. Van den Pol-Van Dasselaar / J.L. Peyraud


Theatre Session 56

New developments in grassland to make grazing management easier 
invited M. O’Donovan, A. Geoghegan, M. O’Leary and L. Shalloo

Combining automatic milking and grazing using detailed cow information 
A.H. Ipema, G. Holshof, F.W. Oudshoorn, C. Allain and F. Flessire

Analysis of behaviour of grazing cattle based on GPS and accelerometer data 
J. Maxa, S. Thurner, M. Kaess and G. Wendl

The use of a virtual electric fence for dairy cow grazing 
P.H. Hogewerf, P. Koene and A.H. Ipema

Satellite imagery to support sheep management in Tierra del Fuego, Chile 
S. Radic, M. Villa, C. Moraga, R. Muñoz and J. McAdam

Grazing behaviour in dairy cows as a predictor of grass intake
R.L.G. Zom, J.T.N. Van Der Werf, B. Timmer, D. Hoeksma and C.G. Van Reenen
Cut and Carry: Investigating higher proportions of fresh grass in the diets of high yielding cows 
P.R. Hargreaves, M.A. Lee and D.J. Roberts

Effect of ewe prolificacy & stocking rate on lamb growth, production efficiency and carcass output
E. Earle, N. McHugh, T.M. Boland and P. Creighton

Use of grazing in a dairy goat farm to design sustainable production systems in France
H. Caillat, B. Ranger, E. Bruneteau, C. Paraud and R. Delagarde


Posters Session

Influence of a virtual fence on synchronicity and social grouping of dairy cows
P. Koene

The effects of early lactation pasture allowance and duration on milk yield
E. Kennedy, L. Delaby, J.R. Roche, B. Horan and E. Lewis

Effect of grazing rotation length on dairy cow performance grazing at two herbage allowances
L.A. Pérez-Prieto, H. Gonzalez-Verdugo and R. Delagarde

Different energy sources with or without additives for pasture finished beef heifers
C.W. Cruywagen, M.N. Engelbrecht, L.C. Hoffman and W.H. Hoffman

Pasture allocation time and tannins in partial mixed ration: intake and performance of dairy cows
C.A. Pozo, C. Cajarville, J.L. Repetto, M. Cuffia, A. Ramirez and G.V. Kozloski

Effect of prolificacy potential & stocking rate on ewe body weight & body condition score
E. Earle, N. McHugh, T.M. Boland and P. Creighton

Factors affecting the grazability of grass varieties
N. Byrne, M. O’Donovan, L. Delaby and T.J. Gilliland

Effects of two types of pastures on the performance of lambs during autumn in Western Patagonia
H.F. Elizalde, M. Tapia, R. Morales and M. Silva

Assessment of artificial neural networks to predict digestibility of ryegrass
G.A. Burns, A. Byrne, D. Johnston and T.J. Gilliland

Comparative grazing behaviour of lactating dairy crossbred suckler and beef suckler cows
M. McManus, R. Prendiville, T. Boland, S. McCabe and P. Creighton

(Some) slurry is good for (some) earthworms
A.K. Murchie, R.P. Blackshaw, A.W. Gordon and P. Christie

Quality and Management of Horse Pastures in Switzerland
F. Kägi, B. Reidy, H. Hertzberg and C. Herholz

Circulating microRNA expression changes during grazing in cattle
S. Muroya, H. Ogasawara and M. Hojito

Automating measurements of grassland production
A. Van Den Pol-Van Dasselaar and M.W.J. Stienezen