Session 56. Animal breeding

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Resilience biomarkers in grazing Holstein cows
A.L. Astessiano, A.I. Trujillo, A. Kenez, A. Mendoza, M. Carriquiry and E. Jorge-Smeding

Calibrating simulations of dominance variation in animal breeding: case study in layer chickens
Pocrnic,C. Gaynor, J. Bancic, A. Wolc, D. Lubritz and G. Gorjanc

Simulation study on the optimization of pasture-based German Merino sheep breeding programs
Martin,T. Pook, M. Schmid and J. Bennewitz

Effect of β-casein variants on cheese yield and quality measured in commercial cheese-making trials
Boschi,S. Faggion, P. Carnier and V. Bonfatti

Relationship between body condition score and backfat thickness in dairy cattle
Schmidtmann,C. Harms, I. Blaj, A. Seidel and G. Thaller

Holstein effective population size reducing
J.B.C.H.M. Van Kaam, B. Lukić, M. Marusi and M. Cassandro

Estimating additive genetic variance over time in chicken breeding programmes
Sosa-Madrid,G. Maniatis, S. Avendano and A. Kranis

Purebred breeding goals optimized for crossbreeding improves crossbred performance
J.R. Thomasen, H.M. Nielsen, M. Kargo and M. Slagboom

Trade-off between animal resilience and energy use in grazing cows of two Holstein genetic strains
Jorge-Smeding,A.I. Trujillo, A. Kenez, D. Talmón, A. Mendoza, G. Cantalapiedra-Hijar, M. Carriquiry and A.L. Astessiano


Relationships between conformation traits and health traits in Czech Holstein cows
Vařeka,L. Zavadilová, E. Kašná, M. Štípková and L. Vostrý

Dominant expression of beta-casein variant A1 in milk of Holstein-Friesian cows
Kaminski,A. Cieslinska, K. Olenski, T. Zabolewicz and A. Babuchowski

Relationships between lameness, conformation traits and claw disorders in Czech Holstein cows
Zavadilová,E. Kašná, J. Vařeka, J. Kučera, S. Šlosárková and P. Fleischer

Culling reasons in Czech dairy cattle
Kašná,L. Zavadilová, J. Vařeka and Z. Krupová

Breed-specific heterosis and recombination effects for weaning weight in composite beef cattle
L.T. Gama, F.S. Baldi, R. Espigolan, J.P. Eler, E.C.M. Oliveira, R. Nuñez-Dominguez and J.B. Ferraz

Genetic parameters for wool traits in Portuguese White Merino sheep
CordeiroDa Silva, T. Perloiro, A. Carrasco and N. Carolino

Genetic resources of Greek sheep breeds: insights into population structure and breeding strategies
Michailidou,E. Pavlou, M. Kyritsi and A. Argiriou

Litter size variability in a divergent selected mice population for birth weight variability
El-OuaziziEl-Kahia, N. Formoso-Rafferty, I. Cervantes and J.P. Gutiérrez

Estimation of the genetic (co)variance components of reproductive efficiency in Retinta beef cattle
R.M. Morales, J.M. Jiménez, A. Molina, S. Demyda-Peyrás and A. Menéndez-Buxadera

Software for the automated correction of pedigree data
Burrenand A. Burren

Genetic analysis of productive life in the Florida goat breed using a Cox proportional hazards model
Ziadi,J.P. Sánchez, R. Morales, E. Muñoz-Mejías, M. Sánchez, M.D. López and A. Molina

Evaluation of stature in Polish dairy cattle using a single-step method
Pszczola,K. Bączkiewicz, W. Jagusiak, M. Skarwecka, T. Suchocki, M. Szalanski, J. Szyda, A. Zarnecki, K. Zukowski and S. Mucha

Population structure of Istrian and Croatian Coloured goat
Drzaic,V. Orehovački, L. Vostrý, I. Curik, N. Mikulec and V. Cubric Curik

Inbreeding depression on reproductive traits in Mertolenga beef cattle
Vitorino,J. Pais, N. Carolino and Consórcio Bovmais

Importance of valid and representative phenotypes in novel traits using single-step GBLUP
Schwarzenbacher,J. Himmelbauer and B. Fuerst-Waltl

Significant contribution of parent-of-origin effects to genetic variation of milk production traits
R.E. Jahnel, I. Blunk and N. Reinsch