Session 56. Multidisciplinary approaches for improving sustainable livestock production: research needs, opportunities and difficulties

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Date: Thursday 30 August 2018; 8.30 – 12.30
Chair: J. Van Milgen / M.H. Pinard-Van der Laan

Theatre Session 56

Multidisciplinary approaches to livestock production
J. Van Milgen, M.H. Pinard-Van Der Laan, E. Schwartz, Ç. Kaya and V. Heuzé

Twists and turns of interdisciplinary work in resarch projects: which conditions and achievements ?
M. Cerf

Detection and characterization of the feed intake response of growing pigs to perturbations
H. Nguyen Ba, M. Taghipoor and J. Van Milgen

Layers response to a suboptimal diet through phenotype and transcriptome changes in four tissues
F. Jehl, M. Brenet, A. Rau, C. Désert, M. Boutin, S. Leroux, D. Esquerré, C. Klopp, D. Gourichon, A. Collin, F. Pitel, T. Zerjal and S. Lagarrigue

What potential of genome-wide integrative approaches to predict vaccine responses?
F. Blanc, T. Maroilley, M.H. Pinard-Van Der Laan, G. Lemonnier, J.J. Leplat, E. Bouguyon, Y. Billon, J.P. Bidanel, B. Bed’hom, J. Estellé, S. Kim, L. Vervelde, D. Blake and C. Rogel-Gaillard

Immune responses after administration of innovative Myocoplasma hyopneumoniae bacterins in pigs
D. Maes, A. Matthijs, G. Auray, C. Barnier-Quer, F. Boyen, I. Arsenakis, A. Michiels, F. Haesebrouck and A. Summerfield

Effect of heat stress on faecal microbiota composition in swine: preliminary results
M. Le Sciellour, I. Hochu, O. Zemb, J. Riquet, H. Gilbert, M. Giorgi, Y. Billon, J.-L. Gourdine and D. Renaudeau

The socio-economic evaluation of vaccines in livestock systems
C. Bellet and J. Rushton

Panel discussion 1: opportunities and difficulties in multi-disciplinary and multi-actor research
J. Van Milgen and M.H. Pinard-Van Der Laan