Session 56. Udder health, reproduction and longevity in cattle

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Date: 28 August 2014; 14:00 – 18:00 hours
Chairperson: M. Klopcic

Theatre Session 56

14.00 Cattle health and antibiotic use in Denmark with emphasis on udder health and milk quality
Invited J. Katholm

14.30 Factors affecting antibiotics use in period 2005-2012 in dairy herds in The Netherlands
A. Kuipers and H. Wemmenhove

14.45 Evaluation of a tool for integration of economy in veterinary herd health programs for dairy herds
A.B. Kudahl, J.F. Ettema, S. Østergaard, I. Anneberg and D.B. Jørgensen

15.00 Low cost farming systems in the Mid-West of USA
V.J. Haugen

15.30 A non-invasive method for measuring mammary apoptosis in dairy animals
G.E. Pollott, K. Wilson, R.C. Fowkes and C. Lawson


16.15 How the farmer makes ‘sense’ from sensor data
A. Van Der Kamp, L. De Jong and A. Hempenius

16.30 Knowing the normal variation in lameness parameters in order to build a warning system
A. Van Nuffel, G. Opsomer, S. Van Weyenberg, K.C. Mertens, J. Vangeyte, B. Sonck and W. Saeys

16.45 Changes in the mammary gland transcriptome due to diet-induced milk fat depression in dairy cows
S. Viitala, D. Fischer, L. Ventto, A.R. Bayat, H. Leskinen, K.J. Shingfield and J. Vilkki

17.00 Effect of climatic conditions on the conception rates of dairy cows in Central Europe
S. Ammer, F. Rüchel, C. Lambertz and M. Gauly

17.15 Comparison of two gold standards for evaluation of a mastitis detection model in AMS
L.P. Sørensen, M. Bjerring and P. Løvendahl

17.30 Milking behavior in dairy cows naturally infected with clinical mastitis
K.K. Fogsgaard, M.S. Herskin and T.W. Bennedsgaard

17.30 Post-partum Inflammation reduces milk production in dairy cows
F. Robert and P. Faverdin


Poster Session 56

Udder health during mid-lactation of Holstein cows raised under different housing systems in Greece
M.A. Karatzia, G. Arsenos, G.E. Valergakis, M. Kritsepi-Konstantinou, I.L. Oikonomidis and T. Larsen

The effect of pulsation ratios on teat and udder health and productivity in dairy cows in AMS
S. Ferneborg and K.M. Svennersten Sjaunja

Productive and reproductive traits of cows in view of persistency value lactation
A.A. Sermyagin and V.I. Seltsov

A report on the reproductive performance of Holstein heifers inseminated with sexed semen in Iran
A. Forouzandeh and S. Joezy-Shekalgorabi

Evaluation of the in situ degradation of starch in the washout fraction of feedstuffs
L.H. De Jonge, H. Van Laar and J. Dijkstra

Study of environmental effects on Holstein milk performances under tunisian conditions
E. Meddeb, S. Bedhiaf, M. Khlifi, A. Hamrouni and M. Djemali

Effect of workability traits on functional longevity in Polish Holstein-Friesian cows
M. Morek-Kopec, A. Otwinowska-Mindur and A. Zarnecki

mRNA expression of adiponectin system related genes in colostrum versus formula fed dairy calves
H. Sadri, H.M. Hammon and H. Sauerwein

Hepatic mRNA abundance of genes related to vitamin E status in periparturient dairy cows
H. Sadri, S. Dänicke, J. Rehage, J. Frank and H. Sauerwein

In vivo effects of Sainfoin (Onobrychis viciifolia) on parasitic nematodes in calves
O. Desrues, M. Peña, T.V.A. Hansen, H.L. Enemark and S.M. Thamsborg