Session 56A. Emergent and re-emergent diseases of livestock

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Date: 29 August 2013; 14:00 – 15:00 hours
Chairperson: Belloc

Theatre Session 56a

14.00 Detection of emerging vector-borne diseases in the Dutch surveillance system
G. Van Schaik, H. Brouwer and A. Veldhuis

14.15 Use of monthly collected milk yields for the early detection of vector-borne emerging diseases
A. Madouasse, A. Lehébel, A. Marceau, H. Brouwer, Y. Van Der Stede and C. Fourichon

14.30 Use of milk production data to improve early detection of vector borne diseases
H. Brouwer, A. Veldhuis, A. Madouasse and G. Van Schaik

14.45 Surveillance of emerging diseases in cattle based on reproduction data
C. Fourichon, A. Marceau, T. Lesuffleur, A. Madouasse, A. Lehebel, Y. Van Der Stede and G. Van Schaik

15.00 Risk-analysis for the reintroduction of BTV-8 through cattle imports
I. Santman, G. van Schaik and J.D. Groot