Session 56B. Design and evaluation of control plans for infectious diseases with epidemiological models

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Date: 29 August 2013; 15:15 – 18:00 hours
Chairperson: Belloc

Theatre Session 56b

15.15 Why using epidemiological models to evaluate control strategies for livestock infectious diseases?
Invited P. Ezanno, E. Vergu, F. Beaudeau, A. Courcoul, C. Marcé, B.L. Dutta, N. Go and C. Belloc

16.15 Development of a simple model for the control of gastrointestinal strongylosis in cattle herds
N. Ravinet, R. Vermesse and A. Chauvin

16.30 Modeling the spread of BVDV in a beef cow-calf herd to evaluate the efficiency of vaccine strategy
A. Damman, A.-F. Viet, M.-C. Guerrier-Chatellet, E. Petit and P. Ezanno

16.45 Identifying factors underlying heritable variation and response to selection in R0: simulation study
M. Anche, P. Bijma and M. De Jong

17.00 Spatiotemporal evolution of cattle movement network in France
B.L. Dutta, P. Ezanno and E. Vergu

17.15 Control of classical swine fever focusing on emergency vaccination and rapid PCR testing
I. Traulsen, J. Brosig and J. Krieter

17.30 Modelling framework to coordinate disease control decisions: example of the PRRS
A.-F. Viet, S. Krebs, O. Rat-Aspert, L. Jeanpierre, P. Ezanno and C. Belloc

17.45 An economical tool for the assessment of Salmonella control strategies in the pork supply chain
S. Krebs, M. Leblanc-Maridor and C. Belloc