Session 57. Animal fibre science (Animal Fibre working group)

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Date: 01 September 2011; 14:00 – 18:00 hours
Chairperson: Renieri

Theatre Session 57

  • QTL detection and fine mapping of birthcoat type in sheep
    Allain, D., Cano, M., Foulquié, D., Autran, P., Tosser-Klopp, G., Moreno, C., Mulsant, P. and François, D.
  • Estimation and comparison of phenotypic value changes in silkworm pure lines during consecutive generations under selection pressure
    Seidavi, A.R.
  • Historical relationships between sheep breeds according to their macroscopical fleece traits
    Parés I Casanova, P.M. and Perezgrovas Garza, R.
  • Genetic parameters for fiber diameter at different shearings
    Pun, A., Morante, R., Burgos, A., Cervantes, I., Pérez-Cabal, M.A. and Gutiérrez, J.P.
  • A deletion in exon 9 of the LIPH gene is responsible for the rex hair coat phenotype in rabbits
    Diribarne, M., Mata, X., Chantry-Darmon, C., Vaiman, A., Auvinet, G., Bouet, S., Deretz, S., Cribiu, E.P., Rochambeau, H., Allain, D. and Guérin, G.

Poster Session 57

  • Opportunities to improve value and utilization of sustainable animal fibre production in Europe
    Renieri, C., Gerken, M., Allain, D., Antonini, M., Gutierrez, J.P. and Galbraith, H.
  • Quantitative variation of melanins in alpaca
    Cecchi, T., Valbonesi, A., Passamonti, P. and Renieri, C.
  • Pelt follicle characteristics and their relationship with pelt quality in fat-tailed gray Shirazy sheep
    Safdarian, M. and Hashemi, M.