Session 57. Livestock farming and value chain initiatives contributing to societal/ecological transition

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Is sustainable transition compatible with value chains industrialization in developing countries?

Consumer’s expectations about quality of livestock products: focus groups in 4 European countries
Sturaro,F. Bedoin, V. Bühl, A. Cartoni Mancinelli, C. Couzy, R. Eppenstein, S. McLaughlin and F. Pagliacci

Antibiotic-free pig supply schemes in France: a lever for valorisation and progress
Roguetand H. Hemonic

Inclusion of citizens in the design of livestock farming: case of mid-mountain dairy system
Coeugnet,G. Vourc’h, J. Labatut and J. Duval

Developing local protein resources in monogastric feeds to promote the agroecological transition in
Escande,M. Grillot and V. Thénard

The mix of species within farms contributes to secure and regularise the supply of the sectors
Cournut,S. Mugnier, C. Husson and G. Bigot

Perceived resilience in Veneto beef farmers
Marchesini,I. Andrighetto and F. Accatino

Valuation of local breeds: methodological questions following interviews with Pyrenees goat farmers
Lauvie,F. Thuault, M.O. Nozières-Petit, B. Dupuis and N. Couix

Implementing GHG models as advisory tools for milk, beef, pig, sheep, poultry, and crop production
Samsonstuen,H. Bonesmo, B.A. Åby, E.G. Enger, E. Kjesbu, M. Bergfjord, R. Okstad, S. Skøien and T. Barman

Improving demonstration activities to foster change towards sustainable organic livestock farming
Neumeisterand C. Evrat Georgel


The sustainability of buffalo livestock
Fierro,A. Forte, G. Di Vuolo, G. Cappelli, E. De Carlo, L.F. Zuin, M. Giampietro and D. Vecchio

The keys to Reine Mathilde’s success, a development program for the organic dairy sector
Neumeisterand C. Evrat Georgel

Perception of Brazilian agrarian sciences students on sustainability indicators for dairy farming
M.F. Silva, F.I. Bankuti and T.T.S. Siqueira

How to better assess the carbon balance of pastoral and agropastoral systems in the Sahel region?
H.N. Rakotovao, P. Salgado, M.H. Assouma and A. Mottet

Is it possible to improve farms’ economic results with crop-livestock system integration?
F.F. Simili, G.G. Mendonça, A.H. Gameiro, J.G. De Oliveira, P.C. Domingues Dos Santos and D.F.L. Santos

Importance in the development of short supply chains of local breeding and processing potential
Radomskiand P. Moskała