Session 57. Precision Livestock Farming (PLF): pathways to commercialisation (with EU-PLF project, BSAS & AGRI-EPI Centre UK) – part 1

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Date: 1 September 2016; 8:30- 12:00 hours
Chairperson: I. Halachmi / R. Dewhurst


Theatre Session 57

On-farm technologies to understand variation in growth performance
invited W. Thomson

Use of new sensor derived data in Australian dairy systems
invited C.E.F. Clark and S.C. Garcia

Mixed ration and free cow traffic in automatic milking: effects on production and milking frequency
M. Patel, H. Driscoll and E. Spörndly

Increasing milking frequency and milking yield in robotic milking using an automatic herding system
U. Drach, A. Degani, T. Pnini, I. Izhaki and I. Halachmi

Using automation to identify and prevent health problems in dairy cattle
T.J. Devries

Modeling individual voluntary feed intake based on feeding behavior
I. Richter, I. Halachmi and Y. Parmet

Rumen telemetry as an aid to managing water intake
T.T.F. Mottram and D. Bradley

A multi-Kinect system for monitoring and measuring functional traits in dairy cows
J. Salau, J.H. Haas, W. Junge and G. Thaller

Spatial, inter and intra-cow repeatability of thermal imaging
D.T. Byrne, H. Esmonde, D.P. Berry and N. McHugh

Posters Session

Classifiers based on 3D-head acceleration data used for lameness detection
Y. Link, J. Salau, S. Karsten and J. Krieter