Session 58. Cattle production free communications

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Date: 29 August 2013; 14:00 – 18:00 hours
Chairperson: Coffey

Theatre Session 58

14.00 Associations between gestation length, stillbirth, calving difficulty and calf size in Norwegian Red
H. Hopen Amundal, M. Svendsen and B. Heringstad

14.15 Genetic analysis of claw disorders in Norwegian Red
C. Ødegård, M. Svendsen and B. Heringstad

14.30 Cow udder cistern storage capacity affects lactation performance in a NZ pasture based dairy system
A. Molenaar, S. Leath, G. Caja, H. Henderson, C. Cameron, K. Taukiri, T. Chikazhe, S. Kaumoana, A. Dorleac, A. Guy, C. Gavin and K. Singh

14.45 Compensatory growth at pasture in weaned suckler bulls offered contrasting winter feeding levels
D. Marren, M. McGee, A.P. Moloney, A. Kelly and E.G. O’Riordan

15.00 Genetic parameters for carcass conformation in 5 beef cattle breeds
A. Kause, L. Mikkola, I. Stranden and K. Sirkko

15.15 Crossbreeding in French Holstein farms
C. Dezetter, C. Côrtes, C. Lechartier, P. Le Mezec, S. Mattalia and H. Seegers

15.30 Gascon cattle breed in Spain: a model of introduction and establishment of a foreign cattle breed
A. Guerrero, P. Sans, C. Sañudo, J.P. Gajan, A. Tranier, J.A. Mateos and P. Santolaria

16.15 Building of biomimetic structures in order to reproduce the outer membrane of bull spermatozoa
J. Le Guillou, M.H. Ropers, D. Bencharif, L. Amirat-Briand, S. Desherces, E. Schmitt, M. Anton and D. Tainturier

16.30 Different forage allowances in the pre- and postpartum period and the production of beef cows
G. Quintans, A. Scarsi, J.I. Velazco and G. Banchero