Session 58. Creating an enduring dairy sector post quota (with ADSA, Erasmus+-ISM+ project, EuroDairy project) – part 3

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Date: 1 September 2016; 8:30- 12:00 hours
Chairperson: A. Kuipers


Theatre Session 58

Electricity and water consumption on Irish commercial dairy farms
P. Shine, M.D. Murphy and T. Scully

Strategies of the Walloon dairy breeders faced to the uncertain dairy future
A.-C. Dalcq, T. Dogot, H. Soyeurt, Y. Brostaux, F. Vanwindekens, E. Froidmont, P. Rondia, B. Wyzen, A. Masure, C. Bauraind and Y. Beckers

Potential effects of herd expansion on cow welfare in a pasture-based dairy industry
J. Marchewka, J.F. Mee and L. Boyle

Understanding the mechanism of impacts of agricultural science. A case study: Dairy Fertility Index
S. Fowler and P. Midmore

Knowledge management on Austrian dairy farms
T. Gehmair, B. Fuerst-Waltl, F. Sturmlechner, M. Drillich, M. Wöckinger, C. Egger-Danner and M. Wurzinger

Sources of information for small-holder cattle farmers in North West Province, South Africa
D.M. Motiang and E.C. Webb

Participatory famers trials for increasing productivity of smallholders dairy production in Nepal
D. Sapkota

Posters Session

Using farming system approach for creating new occupations for small holder farmers in Thailand
A. Molee, W. Molee, B. Likitdejcharoj, T. Chormai, C. Hormta and P. Mernklatoak