Session 58. Non-invasive biomarkers in nutritional studies

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Date: Thursday 30 August 2018; 8.30 – 11.30
Chair: R.M.A. Goselink

Theatre Session 58

Faecal biomarkers for intestinal health in nutritional studies
T.A. Niewold

Development of a new ELISA test for pancreatitis associated protein detection in pig
E. Mariani, G. Savoini and T.A. Niewold

Faecal Pig DNA: a potential non-invasive marker of gut cell loss
K.R. Slinger, K. May, A. Chang, M.R. Bedford, J.M. Brameld and T. Parr

Impact of weaning age on gut microbiota composition in piglets
F.R. Massacci, M. Berri, M. Olivier, J. Savoie, G. Lemonnier, D. Jardet, M.N. Rossignol, F. Blanc, M. Revilla, M.J. Mercat, J. Doré, P. Lepage, C. Rogel-Gaillard and J. Estellé

Coccidiostatic effects of tannin rich diets in rabbit production
H. Legendre, K. Saratsi, N. Voutzourakis, A. Saratsis, A. Stefanakis, P. Gombault, H. Hoste, T. Gidenne and S. Sotiraki

Milk metabolites are non-invasive biomarkers for nutritional and metabolic disorders of Dairy Herds?
C.M.S.C. Pinheiro, I. Domingues, P. Vaz, R. Moreira and P. Infante

CH4 estimated from milk MIR spectra: model on data from 7 countries and 2 measurement techniques
A. Vanlierde, F. Dehareng, N. Gengler, E. Froidmont, M. Kreuzer, F. Grandl, B. Kuhla, P. Lund, D.W. Olijhoek, M. Eugene, C. Martin, M. Bell, S. McParland and H. Soyeurt

RNA based amplicon sequencing: an emerging approach to study diet related shifts in rumen microbiota
N. Amin, B. Cardazzo, L. Carraro and L. Bailoni

Poster Session 58

Effects of cinnamaldehyde on microbial protein synthesis and bacterial diversity in Rusitec
J. García-Rodríguez, M.D. Carro, C. Valdés, S. López and M.J. Ranilla

Nutrients’ digestibility in sheep rations containing legume seeds
K. Zagorakis, V. Dotas, M. Karatzia, M. Koidou, E. Sossidou and M. Yiakoulaki