Session 59. Flexitarianism, plant-based products, cultured meat: pros and cons of these new solutions

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Perception of cultured meat of Italian, Portuguese and Spanish speaking consumers
Liu,J.M. Almeida, N. Rampado, B. Panea, É. Hocquette, M.P. Ellies-Oury, S. Chriki and J.F. Hocquette

Consumer perception of cultured meat in certain African countries
Kombolo,S. Chriki, M.P. Ellies-Oury and J.-F. Hocquette

Nutrient composition of milk, dairy and plant-based alternatives and implications for consumer diets
Stergiadis,A. Tarrado Ribes, R. Reynolds, K.E. Kliem and M.E. Clegg

Keep the herd, rear the future: prospects and challenges of hybrid, plant-based and cultured meat

High isoflavones exposure through soy-based food in France and their reduction by new food-processes
Bensaada,G. Peruzzi, F. Chabrier, P. Ginisty, C. Ferrand, M. Vallat and C. Bennetau-Pelissero

Are vegetable analogues of meats real competitors – elements of comparisons

Milk alternatives from an environmental and nutritional point of view
Silva,V. Heinz and S. Smetana

Alternative proteins: environmental impact of meat substitution from plants to cultured meat