Session 59. Free communications sheep and goat production

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Date: 1 September 2016; 8:30- 12:00 hours
Chairperson: J. Conington


Theatre Session 59

Breeding ewe replacements to lamb at 1 year of age: effects of ewe genotype and live weight at join
T.W.J. Keady and J.P. Hanrahan

Genetic management without pedigree: effectiveness of a breeding circle in a rare sheep breed
J.J. Windig, M. Verweij, M. Maurice-Van Eijndhoven and K. Oldenbroek

Selection of Norwegian White Sheep rams for AI on EBV and ram circle connectedness
J.H. Jakobsen, T. Blichfeldt and R.M. Lewis

An across breed comparison of Irish versus New Zealand ovine genetics
F.M. McGovern, P. Creighton, H. Walsh, K. McDermott, E. Wall and N. McHugh

RFI divergent lines in sheep and relationship with TMR RFI: first results
D. Francois, J.L. Weisbecker, E. Ricard, J.F. Bompa, D. Marcon, F. Bouvier, C. Moreno, C. Marie-Etancelin and F. Tortereau

Relations between farmers and cheese-makers in dairy ewe sector: what room for sector coordination?
M. Millet and F. Casabianca

World sheepmeat production: a meta-analysis
L.E. Robles Jimenez, A. Partida De La Peña, O.A. Castelan Ortega, S. Radic and M. Gonzalez Ronquillo


Species, breeds and potential for improvement in animal fibre production in Europe
invited H. Galbraith, M. Antonini, M. Gerken, J.P. Gutierrez Garcia, R. Niznikowski, C. Renieri, M. Wurzinger and D. Allain 


Posters Session

Heritabilities for preweaning and its genetic correlations with other traits in Peruvian alpacas
A. Cruz, I. Cervantes, A. Burgos, R. Morante and J.P. Gutiérrez

Lifetime production of Istrian pramenka sheep in Slovenia
D. Kompan

Birthcoat type and lamb survival in the French Romane sheep breed
D. Allain, Y. Boudillon, D. Marcon and D. François

Genetic loci involved in antibody response to Mycobacterium avium ssp. paratuberculosis in sheep
F. Palazzo, G. Marras, E. Nicolazzi, E. Pieragostini, F. Petazzi, G. Gandini, G. Pagnacco, P. Crepaldi, J.L. Williams and
G. Minozzi

Predicting intake from faecal chemical composition in pre-weaned lambs consuming milk and pellets
A.S. Danso, P.C.H. Morel, P.R. Kenyon and H.T. Blair

Effect of three rearing systems on ewe milk production and lamb growth in dairy sheep
M. Margetin, M. Oravcová, O. Bučko, J. Margetínová and J. Huba

Sexually-active rams and bucks as sustainable tools for out-of-season reproductive control
J.A. Delgadillo, J.A. Abecia, M. Keller, L. Zarazaga, H. Hernández, M. Chasles and P. Chemineau

Mechanistic model to analyse the effect of body weight and milk production in dairy sheep
J.C. Angeles Hernandez, S.S. Radic Schilling, M.A. Vera Arias, R.A. Echeverria Perez, O.A. Castelan Ortega, A.H.
Ramirez Perez and M. Gonzalez Ronquillo

Intake and total phenolic content of milk of goat as affected by the forms of two-stage olive cake
G. Keles, F. Akgul Yıldız and S. Unubol Aypak

Use of olive polyphenols in the diet of dairy sheep: effects on milk and rumen liquor FA composition
A. Cappucci, S. Alves, R. Bessa, G. Conte, A. Serra and M. Mele

Production performance of ram and castrated hill lambs offered a range of diets
A. Aubry, D. Irwin, M. Connolly, J. McKinnie-Hill, T. Hagan, L. Farmer, S. Watson and F. Monahan

Effect of eCG and GnRH administration on reproductive performance of Khalkhali goat
V. Vahedi and H. Abdi Benemar

Effect of polyethylene glycol 4000 supplementation on the performance of indigenous Pedi goats
D. Brown, J.W. Ng’ambi and D. Norris

Intake and digestibility of lambs fed cassava silage with dry tamarind residue
C.M. Souza, R.L. Oliveira, M.S. Borja, C.B. Pellegrini, N.J.A. Dos Santos, D.R. Menezes and T.V. Voltolini

The Icelandic heritage goat breed: conservation supported by utilization
O.R. Dyrmundsson

Comparative analysis of growth curves of Awassi lambs fed different protein diets
P.Y. Aad, R. Makdessi, R. Ghorayeb, K. Houchaymi and S. Abi Saab