Session 60. Free communications in animal health and welfare

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Date: 1 September 2016; 8:30- 12:00 hours
Chairperson: G. Das


Theatre Session 60

Factors influence the behavioural parameters displayed during milking in dairy ewes
P. Simitzis, I. Seferlis, M. Goliomytis, I. Bizelis and I. Politis

Effect of grouping hour on agonistic behaviour of goats after introduction of unfamiliar individuals
M. Almeida, J. Magalhães, C. Araujo, J. Almeida, G. Stilwell and S. Silva

Is the Qualitative Behaviour Assessment a suitable method to assess positive emotions in pigs?
I. Czycholl and J. Krieter

Oxytocin candidate genes and maternal behaviour of sows
L. Rydhmer and E. Jonas

The added value of molecular phenotypes: towards the identification of animal welfare proxies
L. Fontanesi, S. Bovo, G. Schiavo, G. Mazzoni, A. Ribani, V.J. Utzeri, S. Dall’Olio, F. Bertolini, F. Fanelli, M. Mazzullo, G. Galimberti, D.G. Calò, P.L. Martelli, R. Casadio, P. Trevisi, P. Bosi and U. Pagotto

Genetic Analysis of Feather Pecking and Mortality in Laying Hens
A.R. Sharifi, C. Reimer, N.T. Ha, M. Erbe, D. Cavero, R. Preisinger and H. Simianer

Foot pad health and mortality as part of ‘controlling’ in commercial Turkey Production
K. Toppel, H. Schoen, F. Kaufmann, M. Gauly and R. Andersson

Results of a desk study on best practices for animal transport
M.A. Mitchell and H.A.M. Spoolder

Sow removal patterns in Norwegian and US farms
S.L. Thingnes, T. Aasmundstad, L.T. Bogevik, J. Kongsro and E. Grindflek

Welfare assessment of Low Atmospheric Pressure Stunning in chickens
J.E. Martin, K. Christensen, Y. Vizzier-Thaxton, M.A. Mitchell and D.E.F. McKeegan

Posters Session

Inter-observer reliability of scoring of skin and other welfare-related lesions in finisher pigs
N. Van Staaveren, A. Diana, L. Boyle and J.A. Calderón Díaz

Determination of some biochemical parameters in the blood of camels in Algeria
N. Sahraoui, O. Douadji, A. Doudou, M. Brahim Errahmani, D. Guetarni and J.L. Hornick

Use of haemoglobin analysis to evaluate anaemia status of piglets after weaning
E. Royer, F. Barbé, D. Guillou, Y. Rousselière and E. Chevaux

Vitality measured at birth is a better indicator of survival than measured 3 hours post-partum
H. Davis, A.E. Taylor and H.M. Miller

Genome-wide association study of the Eimeria maxima response in Cobb500 broilers
E. Hamzić, M.-H. Pinard-Van Der Laan, A.J. Buitenhuis, R. Hawken and B. Bed’hom

Genome wide association analysis for cell mediated immune response in chicken
V. Raeesi, A. Ehsani, R. Vaez Torshizi, M. Sargolzaei, A.A. Masoudi and R. Didehban

Identification of bovine respiratory disease causative bacteria using an amplicon sequencing assay
D. Johnston, M.S. McCabe, P. Cormican, G. Murray, M. McGee, S.M. Waters, D.A. Kenny, A.K. Kelly and B. Earley

Phenotypic Profile of Enterobacteriaceae in Poultry Faeces, Litters and Water to farms in Nigeria
O.O. Adebowale and O.K. Adeyemo

Effect of prolonged storage of duckeggs with warming system on reproduction, growth and carcass
M. Waehner, H. Pingel and H. Sun

Towards mixed models focusing on the animal nature of body condition: Reproductive rabbit does
A. Arnau-Bonachera, D. Savietto and J.J. Pascual

Preliminary Association analysis of SLC6A4 SNPs with behavioural traits in PRE dressage competitions
S. Negro, M. Solé, M.J. Sánchez, E. Bartolomé, A. Molina and M. Valera

Effect of yeast based interventions on reducing Campylobacter spp., colonisation broilers
A. Corrigan and R. Murphy

Detection of faecal and gut contamination on chicken carcasses using a chlorophyll-based marker
S.A. Morgan, V.J. Theobald, D. Leemans, A.P. Gay and N.D. Scollan

Comparative study of inactivation of B. sporthermodurans by hydrostatic pressure and heat treatment
C. Aouadhi, H. Simonin, A. Maaroufi, M. Djemali and S. Mejri

The components of litter size in rabbits: effect of Ano-Genital Distance
R. Belabbas, M.L. García, H. Ainbaziz, A. Berbar, G.H. Zitouni, N. Benali, M. Lafri and M.J. Argente