Session 60. LIFE Green Sheep project / Meta-analysis applied to animal science

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Simplified LCA in sheep farming: comparison of carbon footprint estimates from different tools
A.S. Atzori, O. Del Hierro, C. Dragomir, M. Decandia, M. Acciaro, C. Buckley, M. Habeanu, J. Herron,
Ruiz,T.W.J. Keady and S. Throude

Cocoa by-products as source of antioxidants and nutrients to dairy sheep
Carta,E. Tsiplakou, G. Pulina and A. Nudda

Inclusion of sainfoin in the fattening concentrate: meat quality of light lambs
Baila,M. Joy, M. Blanco, I. Casasús, G. Ripoll, J.R. Bertolín and S. Lobón

Genetic parameters and trends in components of reproduction of Merino ewes
C.L. Nel, K. Dzama, A.J. Scholtz and S.W.P. Cloete

A protocol for meta-analysis on the impact of current pig farming systems on animal welfare
Gonzales-Barronand V. Cadavez

A meta-analysis on the tenderising effect of ageing beef muscle
Cadavezand U. Gonzales-Barron


Rumen fatty acids linked to phenotypes in Romane lambs selected for feed efficiency
Touitou,S. Alves, F. Tortereau, R. Bessa and A. Meynadier

Methane measurements in PAC do not result in elevated milk somatic cell counts in Norwegian goats
J.H. Jakobsen, K. Lunn, R.A. Inglingstad and T. Blichfeldt

Inclusion of sainfoin in lamb concentrate on blood metabolites and oxidation status
Baila,M. Joy, I. Casasús, M. Blanco, J.R. Bertolín and S. Lobón

The effect of chromium propionate on growth performance and meat quality of lambs
Garrine,T. Fernandes, S.P. Alves, N.R. Ferreira, J. Santos-Silva and R.J.B. Bessa

Effects of lamb genotypes and carcass weight on primal cuts tissues distribution
Oliveira,M. Pimpão, J. Santos-Silva, O. Moreira and J.M. Almeida