Session 61. Diseases control in poultry and pig farming: current strategies and future alternatives

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Date: Thursday 30 August 2018; 8.30 – 11.30
Chair: S. Messori

Theatre Session 61

Host genotype or performance: what makes host animal less tolerant to nematode infections?
G. Das, M. Stehr and C.C. Metges

Walking on the tiptoe: Is footpad dermatitis in turkeys a problem of the metatarsal foot pad only?
J. Stracke, B. Spindler and N. Kemper

Early warning system for enteropathies in intensive broiler farming
V. Ferrante, E. Tullo, S. Lolli, F. Borgonovo, M. Guarino and G. Grilli

Breeding for high natural antibody levels reduces impact of E. coli (APEC) challenge in chickens
T.V.L. Berghof, M.G.R. Matthijs, J.A.J. Arts, H. Bovenhuis, R.M. Dwars, J.J. Van Der Poel, M.H.P.W. Visker and H.K. Parmentier

Chilean citizen opinion regarding laying hen production systems
D. Lemos Teixeira, M.J. Hötzel, M. Azevedo, L. Rigotti, L. Salazar-Hofmann, R. Larraín and D. Enríquez-Hidalgo

In vitro prebiotic effect of fermentable feed ingredients on the intestinal health of weaned piglets
J. Uerlings, M. Schroyen, J. Bindelle, E. Willems, G. Bruggeman and N. Everaert

Is it possible to reduce antimicrobial consumption by improving biosecurity and welfare at pig farms
A.H. Stygar, I. Chantziaras, I. Toppari, D. Maes and J. Niemi

The effect of disease resistance gene polymorphisms on production traits in Italian Large White pigs
C. Geraci, A. Reza Varzandi, G. Schiavo, M. Gallo, S. Dall’Olio and L. Fontanesi

Preliminary study of parasitic nematodes in farmed snails (Helix aspersa maxima) in Greece
K. Apostolou, M. Hatziioannou and S. Sotiraki

Sublethal concentrations of xanthine oxidase for preconditioning of pre-freezing rooster semen
M. Yousefi, M. Sharafi and A. Shahverdi

Poster Session 61

Pecking and piling: behaviour of conventional layer hybrids and dual-purpose breeds in the nest
M.F. Giersberg, B. Spindler and N. Kemper

Predicting MPS resistance breeding value with peripheral blood immunity breeding values
K. Suzuki, T. Sato, T. Okamura, C. Shibata, Y. Suda, K. Katoh, S. Roh and H. Uenishi

Chestnut extract seems to modify intestinal bacterial population in the jejunum of piglets
M. Girard, N. Pradervand, P. Silacci, S. Dubois and G. Bee

Impact of different group sizes on performance, plumage cleanliness and leg disorders in broilers
A. Kiani and U. König Von Borstel

Reduction of ammonia and nitrogen oxide emissions from pig production using air biofilter
W. Krawczyk, J. Walczak and P. Wójcik

Prevalence of fibrinous pericarditis at slaughter inspection on heavy pigs (170 kg)
M. Bottacini, A. Scollo, B. Contiero and F. Gottardo

Effect of sample size and length of observation period on agreement of pig organ lesion prevalences
M. Gertz and J. Krieter

Effects of zeolite in aflatoxin B1 contaminated diet on aflatoxin residues in duck’s tissues
I. Sumantri, H. Herliani and N. Nuryono

Associations between management and feather damage in laying hens in enriched cages in Canada
C. Decina, O. Berke, N. Van Staaveren, C.F. Baes, T. Widowski and A. Harlander-Matauschek