Session 62. Early career competition on measuring animal behaviour

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Pain expression as an indicator of orthopaedic disease in dairy cattle
Söderlind,K. Ask, A. Granlund, A. Leclercq, E. Hernlund, P. Haubro Andersen and M. Rhodin

Novelty and human approach tests in the Mertolenga breed of cattle
Vitorino,G. Stilwell, J. Pais and N. Carolino

Can stress induced by social challenge be contagious?
R.D. Guevara, S. López-Vergé, J.J. Pastor, X. Manteca, G. Tedo and P. Llonch

Detecting animal contacts – a deep learning-based pig detection and tracking approach
Wutke,M. Gültas, A.O. Schmitt and I. Traulsen

Test-retest reliability of selected welfare indicators for rearing piglets
Witt,J. Krieter, T. Wilder and I. Czycholl

How do horses express their stress: the effect of coping styles on subtle behavioural indicators?
A.-L. Maigrot, M. Roig-Pons, I. Bachmann and S. Briefer-Freymond

The effects of competition at the feeder on dominance in dairy cows
Sheng,B. Foris, J. Krahn, D.M. Weary and M.A.G. Von Keyserlingk