Session 62. Free communications animal nutrition

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Date: 1 September 2016; 8:30- 12:00 hours
Chairperson: G. Van Duinkerken


Theatre Session 62

ECO FCE: Effect of early artificial rearing and milk replacer supplementation on growth of pigs
J.G. Madsen, M. Kreuzer and G. Bee

ECO-FCE: Phytase, xylanase, and protease use in a wheat DDGS and rapeseed diet for finisher pigs
A. Torres-Pitarch, U. McCormack, V. Beattie, E. Magowan, G.E. Gardiner and P.G. Lawlor

ECO-FCE: Composition of the intestinal microbiota varies between high and low RFI pigs
U.M. McCormack, T. Curiao, P. Cotter, O. O’Sullivan, F. Crispie, S. Buzoianu, D. Berry, B. Metzler-Zebeli, G.E.Gardiner and P.G. Lawlor

Impact of amino acid formulation strategy on finishing pig performance
E. Magowan, K.J. McCracken, S. Smyth, F.J. Gordon, J. Kennan and V.E. Beattie

Performance of male layer hybrids fed different dietary protein sources as fattening cockerels
S. Ammer, N. Quander, I.D.M. Gangnat, V. Maurer and F. Leiber

Ability to digest explains part of the between cow feed efficiency variability
A. Fischer, R. Delagarde and P. Faverdin

Transcriptional profile of bovine rumen papillae in response to diet restriction and re-alimentation
K. Keogh, S.M. Waters, P. Cormican, A.K. Kelly, E. O’Shea and D.A. Kenny

Concentrate supplementation during the close-up dry period: dairy cow production and immune function
M. Little, N. O’Connell and C. Ferris

Improving the prediction of Amino Acid Digestible in the Intestine through meta-analysis
S. Lemosquet, C. Panzuti, L. Bahloul, G. Cantalapiedra-Hijar, P. Chapoutot, P. Nozière, D. Sauvant and J. Guinard-Flament

Insect’s based extruded feed: process optimization and impact on in vitro digestibility
M. Ottoboni, T. Spranghers, J. Michiels, P. De Clercq, S. De Smet, W. De Jaeghere, V. Dell’Orto, F. Cheli, L. Pinotti and M. Eeckhout

Posters Session

Effect of olive cake feeding and Saccharomyces cerevisiae on performance of Awassi lambs
B.S. Obeidat

Evaluation of hay for dairy cow produced in Mediterranean Area
R. Grazioli, N. Musco, M.I. Cutrignelli, R. Tudisco, F. Infascelli and S. Calabrò

Mycorrhized maize grain: effect on rumen environment and degradability
A. Chiariotti, D. Meo Zilio, G. Contò, S. Di Giovanni and C. Tripaldi

Effects of Silosolve bacterial inoculant on chemical composition and fermentation of ensiled Oats
R.S. Thomas, B.D. Nkosi, T. Langa and S. Modiba

ECO FCE: Phosphorus nutritional conditioning affects SLC34A2 expression in broiler chickens
M. Ballester, M. Francesch, O. González, D. Torrallardona and R. Quintanilla

ECO-FCE: Serum metabolite profiles as predictors for feed efficiency in broiler chickens
B.U. Metzler-Zebeli, E. Magowan, P.G. Lawlor and Q. Zebeli

Effect of methionine supplementation in processed Mucuna sloanei seed meal in broiler chickens diet
A.H. Akinmutimi and O.O. Ezeigbo

Effect of sow diet trace mineral source on colostrum and milk composition and growth of piglets
C. Rapp and J. Morales

Effect of trace mineral source in sow and nursery diets on nursery pig growth performance
C. Rapp and J. Morales

Effect of xylanase and β-glucanase on growth of weaned pigs fed wheat-barley diets: a meta-analysis
L. Payling, M.C. Walsh and S. Allan

Effects of dietary Glibenclamide and Sucrose on performance and carcass characteristics of broilers
M. Bouyeh, A. Poorhassan Talemi and A. Bouyeh

Evaluation of Ceriporiopsis subvermispora on improving the nutritive value of wheat straw
N. Nayan, J.W. Cone, A.S.M. Sonnenberg and W.H. Hendriks

The effect of barley quality and exogenous enzyme supplementation on performance in finisher pigs
L.C. Clarke, E. Curley, P.O. McAlpine and J.V. O’Doherty

Probiotic fermentation using orange vinasse and molasses as feed substrates for animal production
J.E. Miranda Yuquilema, A. Marin Cardenas and D. Sánchez Macías

Prediction of ruminal starch degradability of maize forage
J. Peyrat, E. Meslier, A. Le Morvan, A. Ferard, R. Baumont, B. Deroche, P.V. Protin and P. Noziere

The effect of wheat quality and enzyme or mycotoxin binder inclusion on growth performance in pigs
L.C. Clarke, E. Curley, P.O. McAlpine and J.V. O’Doherty

The INRA feed tables and prediction equations for forage quality evaluation
R. Baumont, G. Maxin and P. Noziere

The use of laser diffraction to assess diet effects on faecal particle size of steers
J.M. Bowen, S. Sherriff, S.J. Lister and R.J. Dewhurst

Efficiency of novel probiotic complexes in a cattle diet
R.V. Nekrasov, M.G. Chabaev, A.A. Zelenchenkova, V.V. Dzhavakhiya, E.V. Glagoleva and M.I. Kartashov

The accuracy of Near Infra-red Spectroscopy analysis when used on clover-grass silages in the UK
A. Thomson, C. Reynolds, C. Rymer and D. Humphries

Effect of diet supplemented with Euphorbia heterophylla on lipid parameters in the thighs of rabbits
Y.D. Ahongo, D.V. Kouakou, E.M. Angbo, N.E. Assidjo and M. Kouba

Mixed enzymes supplementation in laying hens fed dried cassava pulp
S. Khempaka, P. Maliwan and W. Molee

The use of faecal NIRS to assess diet effects on digestive processes in steers
J.M. Bowen, S.J. Lister, R. Sanderson and R.J. Dewhurst

Using of probiotic complexes in feeding of fresh cows
V.V. Dzhavakhiya, E.V. Glagoleva, M.I. Kartashov, R.V. Nekrasov, M.G. Chabaev and A.A. Zelenchenkova

Influence of extrusion on nitrogen degradability of faba bean or lupine blends including urea
P. Chapoutot, O. Dhumez, A. Germain and G. Chesneau

Effects of hybrid and dietary mussel meal on broiler performance during 10 weeks of rearing
L. Jönsson, S. Gunnarsson, J. Yngvesson, M. Rezaei and A. Wallenbeck

Improved in vitro digestibility of protein feedstuffs with a bacterial endo-xylanase
C. Boudry, F. Philippe, B. Kambashi and J. Bindelle

Fungi from Antarctica as possible producers of polyunsaturated fatty acids for feed additives
L. Skofic, P. De Rossi, A. Del Fiore, C. Nobili, R. Gatti, A. Ambrico, R. Albergo, M. Trupo, R. Balducchi, O. Maggi,
A.M. Persiani, S. Zjalic, S. Urbanelli, D. Poretta, A. Ceci, C. Fanelli and M. Reverberi

Selenium bioaccessibility in commercial selenium yeast products
S. Fagan, R. Owens, P. Ward, S. Doyle and R. Murphy

Effect of Buttiauxella phytase on grower pig performance fed wheat/barley diets without inorganic P
Y. Dersjant-Li, A.L. Wealleans, K. Schuh and G. Dusel

Response of finishing steers to graded levels of sorghum dry distiller’s grains in the diet
A. Simeone, V. Beretta, J. Franco, E. Martínez and F. Zanetti

The effect of phytase, time and freezing method on gastric inositol phosphate concentration in pigs
S. Laird, I. Kühn, C. Brearley, H. Whitfield and H.M. Miller

Productive and cecal microbial counts of broilers feeding with dry whey or whey protein concentrate
C. Pineda-Quiroga, R. Atxaerandio, R. Ruiz and A. García-Rodríguez

Supplementing ruminally protected phenylalanine to dairy diets containing high levels of canola meal
N. Swanepoel, P. Robinson and L. Erasmus

Biohydrogenation of linoleic acid by the rumen bacterium Propionibacterium acnes as affected by pH
M.R.G. Maia, A.R.J. Cabrita, R.J.B. Bessa, A.J.M. Fonseca and R.J. Wallace

Fermentation characteristics of milling by-products of durum wheat contaminated by mycotoxins
P.P. Danieli, N. Musco, R. Primi, M.I. Cutrignelli, R. Tudisco, B. Ronchi, F. Infascelli and S. Calabrò

The nutritional value for dairy cow of wheat grain and wheat co-products from bioethanol production
P. Dagah and K. Theodoridou

Energy-protein supplement affects fatty acid profile of liver and adipose tissue of cows
A.M. Brzozowska, K. Rutkowska, M. Lukaszewicz and J.M. Oprzadek

Dietary effects of sodium bentonite on growth performance in broiler chickens
O. Besseboua, A. Ayad and H. Benbarek

Can Seaweeds be used as protein source in organic dairy farms?
U. Tayyab and L. Sinclair

Effects of chemical additives on fermentation characteristics of pressed sugar beet pulp
H. Scholz, C. Potthast, E. Kramer and H. Auerbach

Protein requirement of Korat chickens from 0 to 3 weeks of age
P. Maliwan, S. Khempaka and W. Molee

A robust approach to modelling in vitro rumen fermentation data
N.G. Bootes, B.J. Leury and F.R. Dunshea

From vegetable food waste to earthworms as novel food/feed: microbial hazard identification
D. Tedesco, J. Parisi, M. Castrica and C. Balzaretti

From vegetable food waste to earthworms as novel food/feed: nutritional characteristics
D. Tedesco, A. Tava and J. Parisi