Session 62. Free communications LFS

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Date: Thursday 30 August 2018; 8.30 – 11.30
Chair: M. Tichit

Theatre Session 62

Livestock effluents: farm scale effluent management towards agronomic and energetic valorization
O. Moreira, R. Fragoso, H. Trindade, R. Nunes, D. Murta and E. Duarte

Planning tool for calculating carbon footprint of milk and meat
L. Mogensen, T. Dorca-Preda, M.T. Knudsen, N.I. Nielsen and T. Kristensen

Whole-farm systems modelling of greenhouse gas emissions from suckler cow beef production systems
S. Samsonstuen, B.A. Åby and L. Aass

Comparison of mitigation strategies for GHG emissions from Japanese Black cattle production systems
K. Oishi and H. Hirooka

Poster Session 62

Calculation models for estimation of labour requirement for loose barn dried hay production
J. Mačuhová, B. Haidn and S. Thurner

Development of daily mean temperature estimation method for certain locations in Republic of Korea
K.I. Sung, B.W. Kim, K.D. Kim and S.G. Kang

Efficiency of organic rabbit production in a pasture system
J. Walczak, L. Gacek and M. Pompa-Roborzyński