Session 63. Role of antioxidants in the physiology of several tissues in livestock

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Effects of antioxidant supplementation on functions of mammary and immune cells in dairy cows
Corset,A. Boudon, P. Germon, A. Baldi and M. Boutinaud

Scutellaria baicalensis plant upregulated antioxidant response genes of mammary cells in dairy cows
Nicolas,P. Roussel, P. Debournoux, A. Steen, F. Robert and M. Boutinaud

Can control of oxidative stress and inflammation lead to reduction of the use of antimicrobials?

A comprehensive study of sow colostrum immune, antioxidant parameters and litter size correlations
Engler,D. Bussières, F. Guay, A. Demortreux and M.E.A. Benarbia


Oxidative stress of suckling calves in the immunological challenge with nutritional supplementation
M.S.V. Salles, F.J.F. Figueiroa, A. Saran Netto, V. Gomes, R.S. Marques, J.A.G. Silveira and E.J. Facury Filho