Session 64. Feeding sows from weaning to farrowing

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Development of precision feeding strategies for gestating sows
Gaillardand J.Y. Dourmad

Targeted nutrition in gestating sows: opportunities to enhance sow performance and piglet health
Langendijk,M. Fleuren and G. Page

Effects of oligoelement supplements alone or associated with an hepatoprotector during late gestatio
Leblanc-Maridor,C. Brebion, C. Pirard, F. Maupertuis, C. Belloc and A. Dubois

A long time interval since the last meal impairs farrowing progress in sows

Poster presentation
Trevisiand G. Bee

Efficacy of phytase in gestating and lactating sows
Bikker,R.E. Van Genugten-Vos and G.P. Binnendijk

The effects of feeding sows encapsulated SCFA and MCFA on IgG quality and subsequent piglet growth
M.G. Marchesi and L. Jordaan

Use of additives in the feeding of hyperprolific sows in the peripartum period – new approach
Ferreira,N. Guedes, M. Joaquim, A. Hamard and D. Outor-Monteiro


Dietary supplementation with Pichia guilliermondii yeast product improves sow and litter performance
Janvier,C. Oguey and A. Samson

Effect of genes polymorphism on colostrum and milk composition and rearing performance of piglets
Szyndler-Nędza,A. Mucha, K. Ropka-Molik and K. Piórkowska

Impact of a 3 or 4 week lactation on performances of sows and their progeny up to 69 days of age
Quiniou,D. Gaudré and I. Corrégé

Increasing feed allowance of lactating sows: what effects on sow and litter performances?
Girard,P. Stoll, G. Maïkoff and G. Bee

In-depth analysis of supernumerary piglets management using new functionalities of PertMat
Badouardand S. Boulot

Effects of sow supplementation with different fatty acids on the gut permeability of the litter
Heras-Molina, R. Escudero-Portugues, G. Gómez,H.D. Laviano, J. García-Casco, M. Muñoz, A. Bulnes, C. Óvilo, A. Rey and C. López-Bote

Use of recycled vegetable oil on the productive and reproductive performance of lactating sows
J.M. Uriarte, H.R. Guemez, J.A. Romo and J.M. Romo

Dietary PUFA manipulation through biofortified cow’s milk improves gilt’s offspring performance
L.G. Reis, T.H. Silva, G.M. Ravagnani, C.H.G. Martinez, M.S.V. Salles, A.F.C. Andrade, N.R.B. Cônsolo,
S.M.M.K. Martins, A.M.C. Vidal and A. Saran Netto

Chemical composition of colostrum and milk of sows depending on the subsequent lactation and feeding
Karpiesiuk,B. Jarocka, W. Kozera, Z. Antoszkiewicz, A. Okorski, A. Woźniakowska and G. Żak

Dietary fish oil modifies blood fatty acids, oxylipins, and immune markers in sows and piglets
Llauradó-Calero,R. Lizardo, D. Torrallardona, E. Esteve-Garcia and N. Tous