Session 64. Precision Livestock Farming (PLF) and communication in poultry, pigs, red-deer and rabbits

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Date: Thursday 30 August 2018; 14.00 – 18.00
Chair: M. Pastell / R. Kasarda

Theatre Session 64

Vocalization: a key indicator of health and welfare in future PLF systems for poultry
M.A. Mitchell and J.E. Martin

Turkey gait score measured with sensors
B. Visser, J. Mohr, W. Ouweltjes, E. Mullaart, P.K. Mathur, R.C. Borg, E.M. Van Grevenhof and A.C. Bouwman

A new PLF sensor aiming for reducing broilers’ body temperature fluctuations
S. Druyan and N. Barchilon

Debating PLF challenges in poultry, exotic animals, horses, reindeer, rabbits
M. Mitchell and S. Druyan

Thermoregulation of piglets from two genetic lines divergent for residual feed intake
O. Schmitt, Y. Billon, H. Gilbert, A. Bonnet and L. Liaubet

Effects of dietary threonine levels on performance and offspring traits in yellow broiler breeders
S.Q. Jiang, L. Li, Z.Y. Gou, X.J. Lin, Y.B. Wang, Q.L. Fan and Z.Y. Jiang

Do high-growth-rate rabbits prefer diets richer on amino acids than those recommended?
P.J. Marín-García, M.C. López, L. Ródenas, E.M. Martínez-Paredes, E. Blas and J.J. Pascual

Effect of the level of lysine, sulphur AA and threonine in diets for rabbits with high growth rate
P.J. Marín-García, M.C. López, L. Ródenas, E.M. Martínez-Paredes, J.J. Pascual and E. Blas

Management of reproduction of red deer under conditions of intensive farming
R. Kasarda and J. Pokorádi

Muscle marker and growth factors genes expression in four commercial broiler strains
K.I.Z. Jawasreh and S.I. Al-Athamneh