Session 65. Dog breeding

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Date: 1 September 2016; 8:30- 12:00 hours
Chairperson: E. Strandberg


Theatre Session 65

Tools and efforts for improved health in Swedish dogs
invited S. Malm

Developments in dog genetics: a UK perspective
invited T.W. Lewis

The genetics of gun-dog trial results in Retrievers
G.E. Pollott and C. Wilkinson

Genetic relationships between hunting traits of leashed and non-leashed traits in Norwegian Elkhound
M. Wetten, K. Lysaker, T. Aasmundstad and O. Vangen

Non genetic factors affecting hunting ability in Italian Scent Hound dog
S. Riganelli, S. Antonini, M. Gubbiotti, A. De Cosmo, A. Valbonesi and C. Renieri

Heritability of mentality traits in Swedish dogs
E. Strandberg, K. Nilsson and K. Svartberg

Syringomyelia in Cavalier King Charles spaniels: new detailed phenotypes for the genetic evaluation
K. Wijnrocx, W. Eggelmeijer, L. Van Bruggen, N. Buys, S. Janssens and P. Mandigers

Population analysis and conservation options of the Norwegian Lundehund
A. Kettunen, M. Daverdin, T. Helfjord and P. Berg

Posters Session

Genetic variability of the short-haired and long-haired Segugio Italiano
S. Pallotti, A.M. De Cosmo, A. La Terza, D. Pediconi, I. Pazzaglia, C. Nocelli, M. Gubbiotti and C. Renieri