Session 65. Genetics and product quality in local breeds

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Overview and discussion of posters #1

Genetic evaluation for productive traits in endangered Portuguese Malhado de Alcobaça pig
Vicente,J. Bastos, M. Silveira, I. Carolino and N. Carolino

Genome wide association (GWAS) for meat quality in D.O.P. ‘Jamón de Teruel’
López-Carbonell,P. López-Buesa, H. Srihi, C. Burgos, J. Altarriba, M. Ramírez and L. Varona

Comparative genome-wide study on autochthonous Nero Siciliano pig breed
Chessari,S. Mastrangelo, S. Tumino, G. Senczuk, S. Chessa, B. Castiglioni, S. Bordonaro, D. Marletta and A. Criscione

Cinta Senese crossbreed: an excellent option for fresh meat production in typical Tuscan systems
R.E. Amarie, L. Casarosa, M. Tognocchi, S. Tinagli, A. Del Tongo, J. Goracci and A. Serra

Phenotypic and genomic investigations on carcass and meat quality of a German local pig breed
Olschewsky,A. Kleinlein, D. Mörlein and D. Hinrichs

Productive traits and boar taint of early and late immunocastrated pigs of three Duroc crossbreeds
Font-I-Furnols,A. Brun, J. Soler, N. Panella-Riera, J. Reixach, N. Gomez, G. Mas and M. Gispert

Genetic correlations between plasma metabolite levels and complete blood counts in healthy pigs
Dervishi, X. Bai, M.K. Dyck,J.C.S. Harding, F. Fortin, P.G. PigGen Canada, J. Cheng, J.C.M. Dekkers and G.S. Plastow

Tackling an old question: do Mangalitsa pigs of different colours really belong to different breeds?
Addo,L. Jung and D. Hinrichs

Overview and discussion of posters #2
E.F. Knol


Can the inclusion of different olive oil cakes on diet affect carcass quality of Bísaro?
Leite,I. Ferreira, L. Vasconcelos, R. Dominguez, S. Rodrigues, D. Outor-Monteiro, V. Pinheiro, J.M. Lorenzo and A. Teixeira

Use of olive pomace in the Bísaro breed feeding – effect on processed meat products sensory quality
S.S.Q. Rodrigues, L. Vasconcelos, A. Leite, I. Ferreira, E. Pereira and A. Teixeira

Real-time ultrasonography: assessment of the subcutaneous fat layers in growing Bísaro pigs
Botelho-Fontela,G. Matos, A. Esteves, G. Paixão, R. Payan-Carreira, A. Teixeira and S.R. Silva

Meat quality of Bísaro breed and terminal cross entire male pigs
R.P. Pinto, F. Mata, J.P. Araújo, J.L. Cerqueira and M. Vaz-Velho

Immunocastration to slaughter: effect on testis and boar taint compounds in adult male Bísaro pigs
Botelho-Fontela,R. Pereira Pinto, G. Paixão, M. Pires, M. Vaz Velho, R. Payan-Carreira and A. Esteves

Low levels of androstenone and Skatole found in Bísaro Pigs reared in alternative systems
Paixão,S. Botelho-Fontela, R. Pinto, M. Pires, M. Velho, R. Payan-Carreira and A. Esteves

Modelling the growth in female and male piglets of Sarda breed
Cesarani,M.R. Mellino, A. Fenu, N.P.P. Macciotta and G. Battacone

Molecular approach to the genetic improvement of quality traits in dry-cured Iberian pork loin
Palma-Granados,M. Muñoz, M. Fernández-Barroso, C. Caraballo and J. García-Casco

Carcass traits of Iberian × Duroc cross breed pigs according to age at the beginning of Montanera
Ortiz,D. Tejerina, S. García-Torres, P. Gaspar and E. González

Effect of gender, castration, and diet on sensory characteristics of pork dry cured loins
S.S.Q. Rodrigues, L. Vasconcelos, E. Pereira, A. Leite, I. Ferreira, A. Teixeira, J. Alvarez and I. Argemi- Armengol

Association of ghrelin gene polymorphisms with slaughter traits in pig
Tyra,K. Ropka-Molik, K. Piórkowska, M. Szyndler-Nędza, M. Małopolska, M. Babicz, A. Mucha, G. Żak and R. Eckert

Skatole and androstenone contents in backfat from different anatomical locations
Panella-Riera,R. Martín-Bernal, M. Egea, I. Peñaranda, M.B. Linares, M.B. Lopez, M.D. Garrido and Font-I-Furnols