Session 67. Dairy management to enhance farm sustainability

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Rethinking Ivanov’s legacy: artificial insemination as a technology

Asocial Darwinism or Darwinian socialism: artificial reproduction and socio-biological boundaries
A.B. Kojevnikov

Kaempferol modulates sperm cryocapacitation through changes in the levels of reactive oxygen species
Tvrdá,Š. Baňas, F. Benko, M. Ďuračka, M. Lenický and N. Lukáč

Cryoprotective ability of epicatechin on protein profile of cryopreserved bovine spermatozoa
Benko,Ś. Baňas, M. Ďuračka, N. Lukáč and E. Tvrdá

Novel nutritional approaches to enhance sustainability and productivity in cattle farming
Grossi,M. Dell’anno, L. Rossi and C.A. Sgoifo Rossi

Dietary energy source on Italian Holstein heifers feed efficiency
Fumo,F. Omodei Zorini, E. Alberti, M. Dell’anno, E. Zucca, G. Savoini and G. Invernizzi

Fat supplement for dairy cow diets during early lactation – meta analysis
Lashkari,M.R. Weisbjerg, L. Foldager and C.F. Børsting

Effect of medium-chain fatty acids on productive and blood parameters in periparturient dairy cows
Gadeyne,M. Bustos, J. Gieling-Van Avezaath, L. Kroon and A. Koopmans

Implementing selection index for nitrogen efficiency in Italian Holstein population
Fabris,G. Visentin, R. Finocchiaro, M. Marusi, F. Galluzzo, L. Mammi and M. Cassandro

Mid-infrared spectroscopy for a rapid assessment of immunoglobulins G level in bovine colostrum
Costa,A. Goi, M. Penasa and M. De Marchi

Leukocytes and microRNA in colostrum following heat-treatment or freezing
T.L. Chandler, A. Newman, A.S. Sipka and S. Mann

Performance of first parity Holstein, Danish Red and their crosses in an experimental setting
J.B. Clasen, H.M. Nielsen, L. Hein, K. Johansen, M. Vestergaard and M. Kargo


Administration of eCG is not recommended in time-AI protocols for beef cattle in good body condition
Sanz,A. Noya, O. Escobedo†, M. Colazo, L. López De Armentia and J.A. Rodríguez-Sánchez

Challenges of the breeding systems of indigenous bovine populations in Algeria, Greece and Tunisia
Tsiokos,S. Boudalia, S. Ben Saïd, A. Mohamed-Brahmi, S. Smeti, A. Bousbia, Y. Gueroui, M. Anastasiadou and G.K. Symeon