Session 67. Free communications in genetics

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Date: 1 September 2016; 14:00- 18:00 hours
Chairperson: J. Lassen


Theatre Session 67

RNA-Seq transcriptomics analyses to identify biomarkers for in vitro production of embryos in cows
G. Mazzoni, S.M. Salleh, K. Freude, H.S. Pedersen, L. Stroebech, H. Callesen, P. Hyttel and H.N. Kadarmideen

Transcriptome Profiling to Predict Piglet Early Development and Vitality from Umbilical Cord Blood
L. Canario, V. Voilet, N. Iannucelli, Y. Lippi, Y. Billon, J. Bailly, M. San Cristobal and L. Liaubet

A large X-chromosomal haplotype is associated with small body size of minipigs
C. Reimer, A.R. Sharifi, C.J. Rubin, S. Weigend, K.H. Waldmann, O. Distl, S.D. Pant, M. Fredholm and H. Simianer

Genome-wide association studies for production traits in pooled pig F2 designs
I. Blaj, J. Tetens, S. Preuß, R. Wellmann, J. Bennewitz and G. Thaller

Estimation of recombination rates in a dairy cattle population
A. Hampel, F. Teuscher and D. Wittenburg

Implementation of genomic selection in three French regional dairy cattle breeds
M.P. Sanchez, D. Jonas, A. Baur, V. Ducrocq, C. Hozé, R. Saintilan, F. Phocas, S. Fritz, D. Boichard and P. Croiseau

Systematic genotyping of randomly sampled cows to improve reliability of GBVs of young candidates
L. Plieschke, C. Edel, E.C.G. Pimentel, R. Emmerling, J. Bennewitz and K.-U. Götz

Cow genotyping strategies for genomic selection in small dairy cattle population
J. Jenko, G.R. Wiggans, T.A. Cooper, S.A.E. Eaglen, W.G. De L. Luff, M. Bichard, R. Pong-Wong and J.A. Woolliams

The value of genotyping in commercial farms for effective use of genotype-environment interactions
P.K. Mathur, Ø. Nordbø, T. Aasmundstad and E. Grindflek

Joint genetic analysis of Holstein-Friesian dairy cows performing in Sub Saharan Africa
O. Abejide, M. Chagunda, R. Mrode, G. Banos, J. Ojango, C. Banga and G. Simm

AlphaSim: fast and flexible simulation and evaluation of breeding programs
S. Gonen, A.-M. Faux, R.C. Gaynor, M. Battagin, S.M. Edwards, D.L. Wilson, G. Gorjanc and J.M. Hickey

Social genetic effects for growth in Danish Landrace pigs increase with group size
H.M. Nielsen, B. Ask, J. Krogsdal, O.F. Christensen, L. Janss and P. Madsen

Estimating genetic parameters for direct and indirect effects on survival time in crossbred layers
E.D. Ellen, T. Brinker and P. Bijma

Ignoring genetic service sire effect for litter size in sire and dam lines is unjustified
B. Ask, B. Nielsen and T. Ostersen

Posters Session

Selective DNA pool-seq approach on bitter taste receptor genes in different pig populations
A. Ribani, F. Bertolini, G. Schiavo, E. Scotti, V.J. Utzeri, S. Dall’Olio, P. Trevisi, P. Bosi and L. Fontanesi

Relationship between selection criteria and kits survival in the INRA 1777 rabbit line
H. Garreau, E. Bamisse, J. Ruesche, J. Hurtaud, M. Maupin, L. Canario and I. David

Estimation of maternal and cytoplasmic genetic variance for visual scores in Nellore Cattle
L. Grigoletto, E.C. Mattos, M.H.A. Santana, L.G.G. Figueiredo, F. Baldi, J.P. Eler and J.B.S. Ferraz

Genetic variability of hand reared Northern Bald Ibis Geronticus eremita released in Spain
I. Cervantes, J.P. Gutiérrez, M. De La Flor and M. Cuadrado

Effect of the polymorphism in GPX5 gene on reproductive performance traits in Large White × Landrace
D. Polasik, A. Terman, M. Kumalska, O. Chomczyńska, P. Urbański and G. Żak

Association of LIF polymorphisms with fattening and slaughter traits of Polish Landrace pigs
A. Mucha, K. Ropka-Molik, K. Piórkowska and M. Tyra

Predictive ability of a single-step terminal-cross model
L. Tusell Palomero, H. Gilbert, J. Riquet, M.J. Mercat, A. Legarra and C. Larzul

Association analysis of c.105G>A SNP in CAPN1 gene with carcass and meat quality traits in goose
S. Negro, M. Solé, A. Membrillo, F. Peña, V. Domenech, I. Verona, M. Rubí, M. Valera and A. Molina

Accuracy of genomic selection to improve litter traits in the French Landrace pig population
A. Bouquet, T. Bellec, L. Flatres Grall, B. Ligonesche and C. Larzul

Implementation of BLUP for breeding value estimation in Russian Federation
A.A. Kudinov, J. Juga, P. Uimari, E.A. Mäntysaari, I. Strandén, K.V. Plemyashov, E.I. Saksa and M.G. Smaragdov

Comparison of single and multi-trait animal models for genetic evaluation of milk production traits
T.K. Belay and T. Ådnøy

Genetic parameter estimations for ‘out of season’ breeding in UK dairy goats
S. Desire, S. Mucha, R. Mrode, M. Coffey and J. Conington

Longitudinal analysis of pig growth using Legendre polynomial equations
J.M. Coyne, K. Matilainen, D.P. Berry, M.-L. Sevon-Aimonen, E.A. Mantysaari, J. Juga, T. Serenius and N. McHugh

Genome-wide association analyses confirm a major QTL for fatty acid composition in porcine backfat
M. Van Son, E. Gjerlaug-Enger, H. Hamland and E. Grindflek

Organic pig breeding programs with limited trait registration should adopt genomic selection
T.O. Okeno and A.C. Sørensen

Comparison between animal model and polynomial Legendre test-day model in dairy cattle
M.C. Rotar, H. Grosu, M.A. Gras and R.S. Pelmus

Effect of different management systems on performance and carcass traits of crossbred chickens
W. Molee, P. Mernkrathoke, S. Khempaka and A. Molee

Social genetic effects for daily gain and correlation to conformation traits in two pig breeds
J.J. Krogsdahl, B. Ask and H.M. Nielsen

Genome wide association studies for dry-cured ham quality traits in two Italian heavy pig breeds
G. Schiavo, G. Galimberti, S. Bovo, F. Bertolini, M. Gallo, V. Russo, L. Buttazzoni and L. Fontanesi