Session 67. Multidisciplinary approaches for improving sustainable livestock production: user application needs

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Date: Thursday 30 August 2018; 14.00 – 18.00
Chair: M.H. Pinard-Van Der Laan / J. Van Milgen

Theatre Session 67

Innovations for sustainable animal nutrition
L.A. Den Hartog and F. Brinke

Expectations of breeding industry from research projects
J.A.M. Van Arendonk

The importance of research for developing standards to control animal diseases: the role of the OIE
S. Messori and E. Erlacher-Vindel

Effects of protein restriction on rumen metagenome and metabolic profile in Holstein calves
S. Costa, J. Balcells, G. De La Fuente, J. Mora, J. Álvarez-Rodríguez and D. Villalba

Genetic and environmental influence on colostrum quality and absorption in Swedish dairy cattle
J.M. Cordero-Solorzano, J.J. Wensman, M. Tråvén, A. Larsson, T. De Haan and D.J. De Koning

A systems genetics approach reveals potential regulators of feed efficiency in pigs
Y. Ramayo-Caldas, M. Ballester, J.P. Sánchez, R. González-Prendes, M. Amills and R. Quintanilla

The PEGaSus project: phosphorus efficiency in Gallus gallus and Sus scrofa
C. Gerlinger, M. Oster, H. Reyer, E. Magowan, E. Ball, D. Fornara, H.D. Poulsen, K.U. Sørensen, A. Rosemarin, K. Andersson, D. Ddiba, P. Sckokai, L. Arata, P. Wolf and K. Wimmers

Why farmers adopt environmental practices: the case of French dairy farms
T.T.S. Siqueira, D. Galliano and G. Nguyen

Panel discussion 2: user needs and applications
M.H. Pinard-Van Der Laan and J. Van Milgen

Poster Session 67

Polyphenols and IUGR pregnancies: maternal hydroxytyrosol supplementation and foetal development
C. Garcia-Contreras, M. Vazquez-Gomez, L. Torres-Rovira, J.L. Pesantez, P. Gonzalez-Añover, S. Astiz, B. Isabel, C. Ovilo and A. Gonzalez-Bulnes

The effect of fertilization on qualitative and in vitro fermentation parameters of C3 grasses
C.J.L. Du Toit, W.A. Van Niekerk, H.H. Meissner, L.J. Erasmus and L. Morey

Semen and sperm quality parameters of potchefstroom koekoek roosters fed dietary Moringa oleifera
N.A. Sebola

Growth performance and slaughter traits of Baladi and Shami-Baladi kids raised in Summer in Jordan
M.D. Obeidat and B.S. Obeidat

Genotype × feed interactions for Piétrain sires
S. Palmans, S. Janssens, J. Van Meensel, N. Buys and S. Millet

Effects of zeolite CPL in-feed supplementation on blood indicators of energy metabolism in cows
R. Turk, D. Điričić, S. Vince, Z. Flegar-Meštrić, S. Perkov, B. Beer-Ljubić, D. Gračner and M. Samardžija

Form of organization and environmental externalities: the case of Brazilian dairy farms
T.T.S. Siqueira, D. Galliano and G. Nguyen

In vitro screening of the anthelmintic effects of by-products from the chestnut industry
J. Dahal, S. Ketavong, E. Pardo, E. Barbier, M. Gay, H. Jean, V. Niderkorn and H. Hoste