Session 68. The multiple facets of adaptive capacities in sheep and goat farms: how physiological, genetics and management strategies can be used and combined to improve resilience?

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The adaptive capacities of small ruminants as a lever to design agroecological farming systems
Douhard,D. Hazard, R. Rupp, E. González-García, F. Stark and A. Lurette

A model of energy allocation to predict adaptive capacities in meat sheep
Douhard,G. Dubreuil, S. Lobón, M. Joy, L. Puillet, N.C. Friggens and A. Lurette

Dynamic interplay between reproduction, milk production and body reserves in Alpine goats
Gafsi,F. Bidan, B. Grimard, M. Legris, O. Martin and L. Puillet

Consequences of contrasting feed efficiency as lamb on later ewe performance
DeBarbieri, G. Ferreira, Z. Ramos, E.A. Navajas and G. Ciappesoni

Behavioural adaptation to rangeland and performances of lambs differing in experience and genetics
Ginane,N. Aigueperse, S. Parisot, C. Durand, A. Guittard, F. Tortereau, X. Boivin and M.M. Mialon

Adaptation of Barki desert sheep to different feed shortage periods
Abou-Ammou,M. El-Shafie, A. Aboul-Naga, E. El-Wakel, A. Saber, T. Abdelsabour and T. Abdelkhalek

Short-term adaptive capacity of dairy goats to a two-days nutritional challenge
Gindri,N. Friggens and L. Puillet

Performance of Scottish Blackface lambs post-weaning when offered a forage based diet
M.A. Dolan, T.M. Boland, N.A. Claffey and F.P. Campion

Effect of a methionine supplementation on the resilience of goats infected by H. contortus
Montout,H. Archimède, N. Minatchy, D. Feuillet, Y. Félicité and J.-C. Bambou

Contribution of grazing areas to small ruminant production systems in the Mediterranean countries
Lobón,A. Aboul Naga, A. Mohamed-Brahmi, A. Tenza-Peral, E. Salah, M. Ameur, M. Joy, M. Nasraoui, T. Abdelsabour and I. Casasús

Modelling as a tool to explore adaptation of Mediterranean sheep farming systems to climate change
Lurette,F. Douhard, L. Puillet, A. Madrid, M. Curtil and F. Stark

Farmer views of best climate change adaptation strategies for sheep farming in the Mediterranean
Martín-Collado,S. Lobón, M. Joy, I. Casasús, A. Mohamed-Brahmi, Y. Yagoubi, F. Stark, A. Laurette, AbuoulNaga, E. Salah and A. Tenza-Peral

Increasing resilience of small ruminants farming systems: 3 management strategies across countries
Quénonand V. Thénard


Citrullination gene related detections by runs of homozigosity and resilience in sheep
Menegatto,L. Freitas, K. Costa, N. Stafuzza and C. Paz

Adaptive capacity of Mediterranean sheep over morphological traits at different physiological status
Atti,S. Lobón, A. Abounagua, D. Hazard, Y. Yagoubi, M. Joy, E. Salah, F. Douhard, S. Smeti and E. Gonzalez-Garcia

Genetic and nongenetic variation of fertility parameters in Comisana and Massese sheep
Floridia,G. Buonaiuto, L.M.E. Mammi, S. Grande, S. Biffani and G. Visentin

Differential runs of homozigosity between resistant and resilient sheep in tropical regions
Menegatto,L. Freitas, K. Costa, N. Stafuzza and C. Paz

Genome-wide association study for gastrointestinal nematode parasite resistance in Santa Inês sheep
M.B. Mioto, N.B. Stafuzza, A.C. Freitas, R.L.D. Costa and C.C.P. Paz

Resilience to underfeeding in dairy ewes diverging in feed efficiency: rumen fermentation
Hervás,P.G. Toral, A. Della Badia, A.G. Mendoza and P. Frutos