Session 69. Increasing animal resilience via nutrition (organized in collaboration with FEFANA)

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Chicken immune cell assay to model adaptive immune responses and its application in feed science
Kreuzer-Redmer,F. Larsberg, D. Hesse, G. Loh and G.A. Brockmann

Dietary strategies to support disease resistance and resilience in swine and poultry
C.H.M. Smits

Nutrition and intestinal health in pigs – options and limits in practice

Challenge and opportunities of the low protein diet for weaning pigs

New dietary and management strategies that modulate the gut microbiota to optimize gut health

Nutritional and health benefits of essential oils in dairy cows
Abdennebi-Najar,D.M. Pereira, S. Andrés, R.B. Pereira, R. Nehme, E. Vambergue, C. Gini, S. Even, Sabbah, H.Falleh, I. Hamrouni, R. Ksouri, M. Benjemaa, F.Z. Rahali, F.J. Giráldez, S. López, M.J. Ranilla, P. Cremonesi, S. Bouhallab and F. Ceciliani