Session 69. Nutritional and feeding strategies to face consequences of climate change

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Date: Thursday 30 August 2018; 14.00 – 18.00
Chair: G. Bruggeman

Theatre Session 69

Effect of fermented whole-crop cereals with or without supplementing inoculant in finishing pigs
C.H. Lee, M.H. Song, W. Yun, J.H. Lee, W.G. Kwak, H.J. Oh, S.Y. Oh, S.D. Liu, H.B. Kim and J.H. Cho

Effects of restricted feeding with fermented whole-crop barley and wheat in finishing pigs
J.S. An, H.B. Kim, W. Yun, J.H. Lee, W.G. Kwak, H.J. Oh, S.D. Liu, C.H. Lee, T.H. Song, T.I. Park, M.H. Song and J.H. Cho

Responses of Boer goats to saline drinking water
R.A. Runa, L. Brinkmann, A. Riek and M. Gerken

Effect of temperature in the context of climate change on nutrient requirements of lactating sows
J.Y. Dourmad, J.L. Gourdine and D. Renaudeau

Registered and expected efficacy of the feeding hogs at large enterprises in Croatia 1990-2016
M. Sviben

Effects of feed form and delivery on growth, feed efficiency and carcass quality of finisher pigs
F.M. O’Meara, G.E. Gardiner, J.V. O’Doherty and P.G. Lawlor

Implications of climate change on small ruminant systems in Europe
G. Pardo, A. Del Prado, S. Mullender, K. Zaralis, M. Dellar, D. Yañez-Ruiz and M.J. Carabaño

Greenhouse gas mitigation from feeding nitrate in an Australian beef farm, a partial life cycle anal
P.A. Alvarez Hess, P.J. Moate, J.L. Jacobs, K.A. Beauchemin and R.J. Eckard

Chemical composition and in vivo digestibility of seaweed as a protein source for ruminant nutrition
Ş. Özkan Gülzari, V. Lind, I.M. Aasen and H. Steinshamn

Effects of GOS delivered in ovo on performance and microbiota in chickens under heat stress
A. Slawinska, M. Zampiga, F. Sirri, A. De Cesare, G. Manfreda, S. Tavaniello and G. Maiorano

Feed efficiency components at fattening in rabbit lines selected for different objectives
M. Pascual, M. Piles, J.J. Pascual, L. Rodenas, M. Velasco, W. Herrera, O. Rafel, D. Savietto and J.P. Sanchez

Poster Session 69

Nutritional valorization of ginger lily (Hedychium gardnerianum) by treatment with urea 634
C.S.A.R. Maduro Dias, C.F.M. Vouzela, J.S. Madruga and A.E.S. Borba

Valorisation of Macaronesia invasive vegetal species 634
C.S.A.R. Maduro Dias, C.F.M. Vouzela, H.J.D. Rosa, J.S. Madruga and A.E.S. Borba

Effect of broccoli by-product and artichoke plant on blood metabolites and urea of goat’s milk
P. Monllor Guerra, G. Romero Moraleda, A. Roca Gumbau, R. Muelas Domingo and J.R. Díaz Sánchez

Grape pomace as a possible bioactive compounds source for animal nutrition: a preliminary result
B. Gálik, R. Kolláthová, D. Bíro, M. Juráček, M. Šimko, M. Rolinec, O. Hanušovský, Ľ. Balušíková, P. Vašeková and S. Barantal

The addition of non-fibre carbohydrates with different rumen degradation rates in high forage diets
A. Foskolos, M. Simoni, S. Pierotti, A. Quarantelli, F. Righi and J.M. Moorby

High-fibre diet for Iberian-Duroc crossbred pigs: effects on some meat quality traits
M.A. Fernández-Barroso, J.M. García-Casco, M. Muñoz, A. López-García, C. Caraballo and E. González-Sánchez

Effect of urea addition on fermentation quality and dry matter losses of grape pomace silage
M. Juráček, D. Bíro, M. Šimko, B. Gálik, M. Rolinec, O. Hanušovský, P. Vašeková, R. Kolláthová, Ľ. Balušíková and S. Barantal

Study on sorghum diet influence on fatty acids concentration in the meat of the fattening steers
I. Voicu, A. Cismileanu and D. Voicu

The effect of forage to grain ratio on in vitro methane production from wheat vs corn
P.A. Alvarez Hess, P.J. Moate, S.R.O. Williams, J.L. Jacobs, M.C. Hannah and R.J. Eckard

Grazing systems production with forestry on Brazilian beef cattle productivity
R.R.S. Corte, S.L. Silva, P. Méo Filho, A.F. Pedroso, S.N. Esteves, A. Berndt, P.H.M. Rodriguez and P.P.A. Oliveira

Use of Brussels sprouts in sheep diets: effects on in vitro gas production
T. De Evan, C.N. Marcos, A. Cevallos, C. Jiménez, M.J. Ranilla and M.D. Carro

Effects of level and source of dietary protein on intake, milk yield and nitrogen use in dairy cows
D. Kand, N. Selje-Aßmann, R. Von Schmettow, J. Castro-Montoya and U. Dickhöfer

Comparative efficiency of corn silage and sorghum silage given to fattening steers
A. Sava and I. Voicu

Response of weaning piglets to dietary addition of sorghum associated with peas: linseed mixed (3:1)
M. Habeanu, G. Ciurescu, C. Tabuc, N.A. Lefter, A. Gheorghe, M. Dumitru, T. Mihalcea and E. Ghita

Effect of concentrate feeding level on methane emissions and performance of grazing Jersey cows
J.D.V. Van Wyngaard, R. Meeske and L.J. Erasmus

Composition and digestibility of whole plant triticale as affected by maturity stage and genotype
A. De Zutter, L. Douidah, G. Haesaert, S. De Campeneere and J. De Boever

The effects of fungal treatment on tannins and organic matter digestibility of invasive bush species
M.L. De La Puerta Fernandez and G.W. Griffith