Session 69. Precision Livestock Farming (PLF): pathways to commercialisation (with EU-PLF project, BSAS & AGRI-EPI Centre UK) – part 2

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Date: 1 September 2016; 14:00- 18:00 hours
Chairperson: D. Berckmans / I. Halachmi


Theatre Session 69

Precision Livestock Farming in Europe: EU-PLF project
invited D. Berckmanns

Validation of portable pig weighing system on Iberian pigs based on image analysis and cloud service
I. Amat-Roldan and D. Verde

Automatic image analysis to predict the onset of farrowing in sows
I. Traulsen, J. Brünger, M. Kardel, O. Burfeind and J. Krieter

Can an accelerometer based labelling method replace a human: postural profile of farrowing sows?
M. Oczak, K. Maschat, D. Berckmans, E. Vranken and J. Baumgartner

Activity and occupation analyses as indicators of broiler welfare risk
A. Peña Fernández, T. Norton, V. Exadaktylos, E. Vranken and D. Berckmans

Panel discussion

Precision tools for Brazilian beef production systems
P.P. Pires

Ultrasonography as a method to determine body composition in cattle
C. Staub, J.-L. Touze, C. Mouaze, D. Egal, J.-M. Giraud, E. Briant, A. Touchard, N. Muller, F. Vincent, S. Leurent-Colette,
D. Dozias, G. Renand, A. De La Torre and J. Agabriel

Management application of activity data monitoring in grazing beef cows
R. Gabrieli

EU-PLF e-course: a free on-line e-course to understand concepts of precision livestock farming
J. Faure, M. Bonneau, L. Montagne, Y. Le Cozler, G. Jalam, A. Verbrugge and D. Berckmans

Discrepancy between expected and actual benefits of automatic heat detectors in commercial herds
C. Disenhaus, C. Allain, R. Courties, Y. Quiniou and N. Bareille

Productivity evaluation using precision livestock farming vs conventional methodologies
S. Ocak and O. Yilmaz