Session 70. Free communications in cattle

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Date: 1 September 2016; 14:00- 18:00 hours
Chairperson: S. König / Y.R. Montanholi


Theatre Session 70

Genetics of alternative energy efficiency definitions in grazing lactating dairy cows
A.M. Hurley, N. Lopez-Villalobos, S. McParland, E. Lewis, E. Kennedy, M. O’Donovan, J.L. Burke and D.P. Berry

Genetic parameters for a multiple-trait linear model conception rate evaluation
K. Muuttoranta, A.-M. Tyrisevä, E.A. Mäntysaari, J. Pösö, G.P. Aamand, J.-Å. Eriksson, U.S. Nielsen and M.H. Lidauer

Genetic parameters of body weight and body measurements of Austrian dairy cattle
invited C. Pfeiffer, B. Fuerst-Waltl, F. Steininger and C. Egger-Danner

Holstein-Friesian vs 3-breed crossbred dairy cows within a low and moderate concentrate input system
C.P. Ferris, P.J. Purcell, A.W. Gordon, T. Larsen and M. Vestergaard

Biological characterization of the estrous cycle in lactating Holstein cows
Y. Montanholi, S. Bourgon, A. Macdonald, P. Park, S. Lam, M. Kozak, B. Potvin, K. Colliver, L. Haas, A. Rocha and
S. Miller

The cow for the system: limiting milk yield and body condition loss to ensure reproduction on time
N. Bedere, L. Delaby, S. Leurent-Colette and C. Disenhaus

Application of a milk MIR methane prediction equation to Swiss dairy cattle population data
F. Grandl, A. Vanlierde, M.-L. Vanrobays, C. Grelet, F. Dehareng, N. Gengler, H. Soyeurt, M. Kreuzer, A. Schwarm,
A. Münger, F. Dohme-Meier and B. Gredler


Effect of stocking rate and animal genotype on milk production in spring-calving dairy cows
E.L. Coffey, S. Fitzgerald, K.M. Pierce and B. Horan

Effect of different regrowth grass silages on dairy cow performance
D. Pang, P. Huhtanen and S. Krizsan

Variation in social organization in cattle breeds determined by social network analyses
P. Koene

Technical and economic analysis of using ensiled or wrapped grass for young bulls finishing
A. Ferard, Y. Carel, P. Kardacz and J. Peyrat


Posters Session

Heterogeneity of variance for milk, fat and protein a small cattle population
N. Guzzo, C. Sartori and R. Mantovani

Effects of chemical additive applied into the rumen of dairy cows in form of bolus
R. Loucka, P. Homolka, F. Jancik, P. Kubelkova, Y. Tyrolova, A. Vyborna and J. Schmidova

Technical note: Use of internal transcribed spacer for ruminal yeast identification in dairy cows
E. Vargas-Bello-Pérez, N. Cancino-Padilla, C. Ramírez and J. Romero

Effect of high and medium weight gain on puberty onset in early-weaned heifers
M.V.C. Ferraz Junior, A.V. Pires, M.H. Santos, R.G. Silva, M.V. Biehl, G.B. Oliveira, D.M. Polizel, A.A. Miszura,
E.M. Moreira, A.B. Bertoloni, M.F. Westphalen and M.L. Day

Trial of construction of the in vitro model to analysis placenta separation at delivery
H. Kamada, S. Matoba and H. Takahashi

Effect of CIDR reused by 4 or 6 time in Nellore heifers submitted to short Fixed time AI protocol
M.H. Santos, A.V. Pires, M.V.C. Ferraz Junior, M.V. Biehl, R.G. Silva, A.A. Miszura, G.B. Oliveira, D.M. Polizel,
A.B. Bertoloni, E.M. Moreira, M.F. Westphalen and M.L. Day

Improvement of udder conformation by culling cows not suitable for milking once-a-day
N. Lopez-Villalobos, J.F. Rocha, R.A. Harris, F. Lembeye, N.W. Sneddon and D.J. Donaghy

Pilot study to evaluate the use of sorted semen within a synchronisation programme in beef herd
D. Anderson, F.O. Lively and D.E. Lowe

Interactions of alfalfa hay provision and physical form of starter in calves
M.R. Nilieh

Biogas production from livestock waste: potential of bovine e buffalo rumen inocula
A. Chiariotti, M. Calì, G. Lembo and A. Signorini