Session 70. Genome informed breeding

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Genetic characterization of the indigenous Sanga cattle of Namibia
D.A. Januarie, E.D. Cason and F.W.C. Neser

Using SEM models to increase of accuracy of QTL estimation in cattle
Jakimowicz,T. Suchocki, A. Zarnecki, M. Skarwecka and J. Szyda

PyMSQ: an efficient package for estimating Mendelian sampling quantities
A.A. Musa and N. Reinsch

Genomic and phenotypic differentiation of the Tamarona line of the Spanish Retinta beef cattle breed
R.M. Morales, G. Anaya, S. Moreno-Jiménez, J.M. Jiménez, S. Demyda-Peyrás and A. Molina

GWAS analyses confirms association of homogeneity with robustness
Formoso-Rafferty,J.P. Gutiérrez, I. Álvarez, F. Goyache and I. Cervantes

Blood chimerism in bovine twins is common and affects the accuracy of genotyping
Lindtke,F. Seefried, C. Drögemüller and M. Neuditschko

Genomic characterization of the Portuguese Mertolenga cattle
Gaspar,R. Gonzalez-Prendes, A. Usié, S. Guimarães, A.E. Pires, C. Bruno De Sousa, M. Makgahlela, Kantanen,R. Kugonza, N. Ghanem, R. Crooijmans and C. Ginja

Metabarcoding approaches to study microbial communities dynamics in milk and dairy products
Giagnoni,C. Spanu, A. Tondello, D. Saptarathi, A. Cecchinato, P. Stevanato, M. De Noni and A. Squartini

Genetic heterogeneity of the POLLED locus in South African Bonsmara beef cattle
Grobler,C. Visser and E. Van Marle-Köster

The genetic heritage of Colombian Creole sheep breeds
H.A. Revelo, V. Landi, D. Lopez-Alvarez, Y. Palacios and L.A. Álvarez


Genetic characterization of Dexter cattle in Southern African
E.D. Cason, J.B. Van Wyk, M.D. Fair, P.D. Vermeulen and F.W.C. Neser

Identifying selection signatures based in Fst analysis for birth weight variability in mice
Ojeda-Marín,N. Formoso-Rafferty, I. Cervantes and J.P. Gutiérrez

Genome-wide association study revealed candidate genes for colour differentiation in Mangalitsa pigs
Jung,S. Addo and D. Hinrichs

Genomic prediction in the Lesvos dairy sheep
Kominakis,I. Mastranestasis, V. Karagianni, M. Stavraki and A.L. Hager-Theodorides

Genotyping of PRNP gene using 7 codons in 17 goat populations
Canales,S. Nicar, J.A. Bouzada, J. Jordana, M. Amills, M.R. Fresno, A. Pons, M. Macri, J.V. Delgado and M.A. Martínez

Genome-wide association study for mastitis resistance in Czech Holstein Cattle
Forejt,H. Vostra-Vydrova, N. Moravcikova, R. Kasarda, L. Zavadilova and L. Vostry

Modification of imputation scheme for Polish Holstein-Friesian dairy cattle genomic evaluation
Żukowskiand T. Suchocki

GENORIP project: a genomic approach to manage genomic variability in cattle dairy farms
Punturiero,F. Bernini, R. Milanesi, A. Bagnato and M.G. Strillacci

Identification of SNPs affecting milk yield of Polish Holstein Friesian dairy cows
Kolenda,B. Sitkowska, D. Piwczyński, H. Önder, B. Kurnaz, U. Şen and A. Dunisławska

Single step genomic prediction of milk yield in Polish Holstein Friesian dairy cattle
Önder,B. Sitkowska, M. Kolenda, D. Piwczyński, B. Kurnaz and U. Şen

Genome-wide association study for daily milk yield in Istrian dairy sheep
Špehar,J. Ramljak and A. Kasap

GWAS for clinical mastitis in Polish HF cows
Topolski,T. Suchocki and A. Żarnecki

SNP-based genetic diversity in Pag sheep – preliminary results
Ramljak,M. Špehar, A. Kasap, B. Mioč, I. Širić, A. Ivanković, D. Barać, Z. Barać and V. Držaić

Genetic characterization of Churra do Campo Portuguese sheep breed using a high-density SNP chip
M.F. Santos-Silva, N. Carolino, C. Rebelo De Andrade, C. Oliveira E Sousa, P. Jacob, I. Carolino and

Analysis of the CNV inheritance in swine genome based on combined Illumina and Nanopore data
Frąszczak,M. Mielczarek, T. Strzała, B. Nowak and J. Szyda

Characterization of buffalo milk microbiota through NGS techniques
Ferrari,F. Luziatelli, L. Basiricò, M. Ruzzi and U. Bernabucci