Session 70. Large litters discussion and free communications pigs

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Date: Thursday 30 August 2018; 14.00 – 18.00
Chair: E.F. Knol

Theatre Session 70

Production environment realized genetic merit of litter size, but the impact depends on herds
B.G. Poulsen, M.A. Henryon and B. Nielsen

Genetic parameters for litter quality traits of Austrian Large White and Landrace sows
C. Pfeiffer, B. Fuerst-Waltl, P. Knapp, A. Willam, C. Leeb and C. Winckler

Validation of litter quality assessment by pig breeders aiming to develop a piglet vitality index
C. Pfeiffer, C. Winckler, C. Leeb, B. Fuerst-Waltl, P. Knapp and A. Willam

Nitric oxide precursor: sport nutrition leveraged to increase piglet livability
M. Van Den Bosch, E.F.J.M. Van Gelderen, D. Melchior, H. Van Den Brand and A.A.M. Van Wesel

Management of large litters using milk supplementation – preliminary results
C.K. Thorsen, M.L.V. Larsen, V.A. Moustsen, P.K. Theil and L.J. Pedersen

The influence of individual birth weight on fattening performance in pigs
K. Nilsson, P. Wahlgren and N. Lundeheim

Discussion on high litter size challenges
E.F. Knol

Economic importance of maternal and direct pig traits calculated applying gene-flow method
E. Krupa, Z. Krupová, E. Žáková and M. Wolfová

Optimum penalty on average relationships in preselection in a two-stage optimum contribution scheme
H.M. Nielsen, B. Ask and M. Henryon

Impact of immunocastration on growth performances and carcass quality of heavy gilts
L. Pérez-Ciria, F.J. Miana-Mena, R. Gutiérrez, L.E. Cobos, M.C. López-Mendoza and M.A. Latorre

Association between serology for four respiratory pathogens and pig carcass traits
R. Fitzgerald, J.A. Calderón Díaz, M. Rodrigues De Costa, E.G. Manzanilla, J.P. Moriarty, H. McGlynn and H. O’Shea

Herd characteristics and serological indicators associated with the performances of swine herds
C. Fablet, N. Rose, B. Grasland, N. Robert, E. Lewandowski and M. Gosselin

Assessing the effect of dietary inulin and resistant starch on gastrointestinal fermentation in pigs
B.U. Metzler-Zebeli, L. Montagne, N. Canibe, J. Freire, P. Bosi, J.A.M. Prates, S. Tanghe and P. Trevisi

Poster Session 70

Sensitivity analysis identifies candidate genes for regulation of immune responses in chicken
A. Polewko-Klim, W. Lesiński, A. Golińska, M. Siwek, K. Mnich and W.R. Rudnicki

Accumulation of an emergent contaminant, α-hexabromocyclododecane (α-HBCDD), in tissues of pigs
E. Royer, R. Cariou, E. Baéza, A. Travel and C. Jondreville

Evaluation of micropollutants and chemical residues in organic and conventional pig meat
G. Dervilly-Pinel, T. Guérin, E. Royer, B. Minvielle, E. Dubreil, S. Mompelat, F. Hommet, M. Nicolas, V. Hort, C. Inthavong, M. Saint-Hilaire, C. Chafey, J. Parinet, R. Cariou, P. Marchand, B. Le Bizec, E. Verdon and E. Engel

Air quality in nurseries: a room for swine environmental conditions improvements?
C. Fablet, F. Bidan, V. Dorenlor, F. Eono, E. Eveno and N. Rose

Estimation of heritability of feeding behaviour traits in Finnish Yorkshire
A.T. Kavlak, A. Riihimäki and P. Uimari

An analysis of miR-208b polymorphism in relation to growth and carcass traits in pigs
D. Polasik, M. Tyra, D. Zagrobelny, G. Żak and A. Terman

Analysis of rs81286101 polymorphism related to intramuscular fat content in different breeds of pigs
D. Zagrobelny, D. Polasik, M. Tyra, G. Żak and A. Terman

Estimates of genetic parameters of semen characteristics in Japanese Duroc boars
K. Ishii, M. Kimata and O. Sasaki

Effects of arginine supplementation during late gestation on reproductive performance and piglet uni
J.S. Hong, Y.G. Han, L.H. Fang, J.H. Jeong and Y.Y. Kim

Comparison of three different farrowing systems with special regard to air quality
E. Lühken, J. Schulz and N. Kemper

Effect of dietary rapeseed oil and humus-containing mineral preparation on cooked ham quality
A.M. Salejda, M. Sczygiol, A. Zwyrzykowska-Wodzińska and G. Krasnowska

Conjugated linoleic acid and betaine affect gene expression in adipose tissue of Iberian pigs
I. Fernandez-Figares, J. Die, B. Rabanal and M. Lachica

Effect of genotype and leucine levels on the amino acids concentration in tissues of weaned pigs
M. Bertocchi, P. Bosi, D. Luise, V. Motta, C. Salvarani, A. Ribani, A. Simongiovanni, B. Makoto, E. Corrent, L. Fontanesi, T. Chalvondemersay and P. Trevisi

The detection of ochratoxin A in the tissues of pigs fed mildly contaminated feed
C.A. Moran, A. Yiannikouris, J.D. Keegan, S. Kainulainen and J. Apajalahti

Effect of increasing phosphorus levels on growth performance and minerals status in weaned piglets
P. Schlegel

Rapeseed meal and enzyme supplementation on growth performance and nutrient digestibility in pigs
A.D.B. Melo, B. Villca, E. Esteve-García and R. Lizardo

The criteria for the purchase of crossbred gilts required for the sow herd replacement
M. Sviben, Z. Jiang and N. Jančo

Study of faecal microbiota in pigs exposed to high-protein and high-carotene diets
R. González-Prendes, R.N. Pena, E. Solé, A.R. Seradj, J. Estany and Y. Ramayo-Caldas

Effects of dietary Hy-D® on gestating and lactating sows on reproductive performance and its progeny
Y.G. Han, J.H. Jeong, L.H. Fang, W.L. Chung, J.S. Hong and Y.Y. Kim

Comparison of classical, ancestral, partial and genomic inbreeding to achieve genetic diversity
J. Schäler, B. Krüger, G. Thaller and D. Hinrichs

Effects of feeding level at early gestation on body condition and reproductive performances in sows
S. Seoane, J.M. Lorenzo, P. González, L. Pérez-Ciria and M.A. Latorre