Session 71. Integrative physiology to understand whole-tissue or whole- body functions and their application to animal production, health or disease

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RNA-Seq reveals candidate microRNA (miRNA) linked to Cytochrome P450 pathway in dairy cows
Veshkini,H.M. Hammon, H. Sadri, B. Lazzari, V. Vendramin, H. Sauerwein and F. Ceciliani

Plasma and milk metabolomics in primiparous and multiparous Holstein cows under heat stress
Jorge-Smeding,D. Rico, A. Ruíz-González, X. Wei, Y.H. Leung and A. Kenez

Association of peripheral blood transcriptome and haemochromocytometric values in piglets
Luise,F. Correa, P. Bosi and P. Trevisi

Impact of ewes’ GH2-Z genotypes on blood metabolites, mammary gland mRNA expression and milk traits
M.R. Marques, P. Mesquita, V. Pires, J.M.B. Ribeiro, R. Caldeira, A.P.L. Martins, C.C. Belo and A.T. Belo

The adverse effects of intrauterine growth restriction on body growth in pigs are mediated by KLB
F.X. Donadeu, S.O. Dan-Jumbo, Y. Cortes-Araya, M. Salavati, E. Clark, C. Stenhouse, C.J. Ashworth and C.L. Esteves

Exploring fibre type, adipocyte size and gene expression relationship in two muscles in beef cattle
Urrutia,B. Soret, A. Arana, L. Alfonso and J.A. Mendizabal

Variability of colonic and ileal adult intestinal stem cell derived organoids in pigs
R.S.C. Rikkers, M.F.W. Te Pas, O. Madsen, S.K. Kar, D. Schokker, L. Kruijt, A.A.C. De Wit,
L.M.G. Verschuren, S. Verstringe and E.D. Ellen

Using piecewise regression models to evaluate beef cow responses to nutritional challenges
Aliakbari,J. Pires, L. Barreto-Mendes, F. Blanc, I. Cassar-Malek, I. Ortigues-Marty and A. De La Torre

Effect of enhanced early life nutrition on pituitary miRNA and mRNA expression in the bull calf
Keogh,S. Coen, P. Lonergan, S. Fair and D.A. Kenny

Comparative lipidomics profiling in porcine colostrum exosomes versus mature milk exosomes
FuriosoFerreira, M.H. Ghaffari, M. Audano, F. Ceciliani, D. Caruso, G. Savoini, A. Agazzi, V. Mrljak and H. Sauerwein

Pig saliva metabolome alterations under acute stress
Morgan,R.I.D. Birkler, S. Shaham-Niv, Y. Dong, L. Carmi, T. Wachsman, B. Yakobson, H. Cohen, Zohar,E. Gazit and M. Bateson

Large-scale analysis of chronic stress in dairy cows using hair cortisol and blood fructosamine
Grelet,J. Leblois, R. Reding, E.J.P. Strang, L. Dale, L. Manciaux, F.J. Auer, C. Egger-Danner, Happymoo,F. Dehareng and H. Simon


Fibre characterization of the Longissimus thoracis muscle in low marbling beef cattle during growth
Soret,J.A. Mendizabal, A. Arana, O. Urrutia and L. Alfonso

The effect of PET microplastic on the number of VIP-immunoreactive neurons in the porcine duodenum
Gałęckaand J. Całka

Bile acids in serum of dairy cows with high or normal body condition
Dicks,K. Schuh, C. Prehn, M.H. Ghaffari, H. Sadri, H. Sauerwein and S. Häussler

PSE-like pork – looking for potential biomarkers and links with myopathy based on proteomic analysis
Suliga,S. Mebre-Abie, B. Egelandsdal, O. Alvseike, A. Johny, P. Kathiresan and D. Münch

Exosomes’ isolation and proteomic profile of sheep mononuclear cells supernatant using two methods
M.G. Ciliberti, A. Della Malva, M. Di Corcia, A. Santillo, R. Marino, M. Albenzio and M. Caroprese

Effect of early weaning on the gene expression profiles in the skeletal muscle of Nelore beef calves
G.L. Pereira, R.A. Curi, L.A.L. Chardulo, W.A. Baldassini, O.R. Machado Neto, P. Moriel, A.P. Enara,
G.L.B. Tinoco, G.H. Russo and J.A. Torrecilhas

Ghrelin expression in the skin of the sheep changes in relation to diets
Mercati,E. Palmioli, P. Scocco, S. Moscatelli, C. Dall’aglio, D. Marini, P. Anipchenko and M. Maranesi

morphological identification of the leptin and its receptor in the abomasum of the sheep
E.P. Palmioli, P.S. Scocco, C.D. Dall’aglio, K.D. Dobrzyn, M.B. Bellesi and F.M. Mercati