Session 71. Meat and milk quality – highlighting knowledge gaps in the supply chain

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Date: 1 September 2016; 14:00- 18:00 hours
Chairperson: O. Tzamaloukas


Theatre Session 71

Incorporating meat quality in sheep breeding programmes: potential of non-invasive technologies
invited N.R. Lambe, N. Clelland, R. Roehe, K.A. McLean, J. Gordon, D. Evans and L. Bunger

Novel analytical technologies of Quality in the Sheep & Goat Dairy Sector
invited G. Psathas and O. Tzamaloukas

Managing and improving meat quality through the chain
invited M. McWhinney

Effects of electrical stimulation on pH/ temperature decline
R. Law, J. Birnie, S. Leitch, G. Williamson, D. Devlin, D. Farrell and L. Farmer

Relationship between flavour volatiles and eating quality of lamb
J. McKinnie-Hill, A. Aubry, T. Hagan, L. Farmer and F. Monahan


The type of condensed tannins affected differently growth and meat lipid oxidation of light lambs
S. Lobón, A. Sanz, G. Ripoll, M. Joy and M. Blanco

Effect of ageing and hanging method on flavour precursors in beef
D. Farrell, T.D.J. Hagan, C. McIlroy, J. Birnie and L.J. Farmer

Sensory benchmarking of commercial sirloin steaks
T.D.J. Hagan, L.H. Majury and L.J. Farmer

Dried Distillers Grain byproduct improves the fatty acid profile of ewe milk in Chios sheep
O. Tzamaloukas, D. Sparaggis, C. Michael, C. Constantinou, M. Orford and C. Papacrhistoforou

Investigation into the impact of age and mixing with ewes on eating quality of rams
T.D.J. Hagan, J. Birnie, D.J. Devlin, I.J. Tollerton, N.F.S. Gault, B.W. Moss and L.J. Farmer

Milk protein profile: measure from mid infrared spectra and identification of influence factors
M. Gelé, M. Ferrand-Calmels, G. Miranda, N. Ballot, L. Bianchi, M. Brochard and P. Martin

Effect of genetic group on sheep milk composition and lamb development
C. Salgado, J.C.A. Hernandez, A.A. Lugo Galindo, A. Lizarazo, R. Angulo, N. Suarez and A. Ramirez


Posters Session

In vivo estimation of lamb carcass quality using ultrasound measurements
E. Ghita, R. Pelmus, C. Lazar, M.C. Rotar, M. Habeanu, M. Gras and M. Ropota

Comparison of meat quality of lambs raised on two types of pastures on Western Patagonia
L. Bravo-Lamas, H.F. Elizalde, I. Subiabre, B. Martinez and R. Morales

A preliminary investigation on the variation of milk composition during lactation of ten pure bred A
A. Mohammed, A. Rolingson, A. Edwards, A. Khan and A. Griffith

Effects of the rearing system, sex and age on the fatty acid profile of three muscles in Chios breed
E. Tsiplakou, G. Papadomichelakis, D. Sparaggis, K. Sotirakoglou, M. Georgiadou and G. Zervas

Kappa casein gene polymorphism in Iranian local Goats breed
N. Hedayat Evrigh and V. Karimi Ouri

Effect of STAT5A/Eco81I gene polymorphism on milk yield in Garganica goat breed
M. Selvaggi, A.G. D’Alessandro, F. Pinto, G. Martemucci and C. Dario

Study of the external morphometry and carcass traits in rabbit of local population
A. Berbar, K. Lounaouci, N. Benali, Z. Boumahdi and R. Belabbas