Session 72. Optimising animal nutrition at an integral level: improving health, nutrient use efficiency and product quality

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Date: 1 September 2016; 14:00- 18:00 hours
Chairperson: G.S. Savoini


Theatre Session 72

Lipid mobilization, immune system and vitamin E in transition cows: an old story revisited
invited I. Politis and G. Theodorou

Lactic acid treatment and P levels in the diet impact microbial dynamics in lactating dairy cows
R.M. Petri, B.U. Metzler-Zebeli and Q. Zebeli

Recording of feed efficiency under on-farm conditions
F. Steininger, M. Ledinek, L. Gruber, B. Fuerst-Waltl, K. Zottl and C. Egger-Danner

Growth stage and ensiling effects on ruminal degradability of whole-crop oats
S. Stirling, C. Cajarville, J.L. Repetto, J.E. Díaz, M. Sosa, J. Benkendorf and M. Pla

Oxidative stability of meat from lambs fed silage mixtures of timothy grass, red clover and sainfoin
G. Luciano, A. Priolo, B. Valenti, S. Mattioli, M. Pauselli, G. Copani, C. Ginane and V. Niderkorn

Differences in digestibility between cows contribute to explain differences in feed efficiency
A. De La Torre, D. Andueza, R. Baumont, G. Renand, S. Rudel, L. Genestoux, G. Cantalapiedra-Hijar and P. Nozière

Maternal dietary interventions affect piglet intestinal development in different ways
A. De Greeff, J. Allaart, D. Schokker, C. De Bruijn, S. Vastenhouw, P. Roubos, M. Smits and J. Rebel

Ruminal protected arginine supplementation in cattle and sheep
J.S. Caton, J.L. Peine, L.P. Reynolds and A.M. Meyer

The effect of linseed expeller supplementation on carcass traits and meat colour of finishing gilts
E. Garcia-Hernandez, M. Tor, D. Villalba and J. Alvarez-Rodriguez

High phytase supplementation levels improve performance in piglets fed P-adequate diets
H. Graham and P. Wilcock

The effect of xylanase and phytase supplementation on performance and egg quality in laying hens
A.E. Taylor, M.R. Bedford and H.M. Miller

In vivo and in vitro assessment of two copper sources for broilers
M. Hamdi, D. Solà-Oriol, R. Franco-Rosselló, A. Romeo and J.F. Perez


Posters Session

Effect of the diet on the consumer acceptability of fresh loin from Iberian pigs
M. Gispert, J. García-Gudiño, I. Blanco-Penedo, J. Perea-Muñoz, J. Garcia Casco, E. Gonzalez, A. Brun and M. Font-I-Furnols

The effect of curcumin on the oxidative stability of pork 654
O. Bučko, A. Lehotayová, J. Petrák, P. Juhás, M. Margetín and O. Debrecéni

Colostral transfer of immunoglobulins in dairy calves
E.M. Andrée O’Hara, I. Olsson and K. Holtenius

Metabolomic profile of early lactating dairy cow receiving rumen-protected choline
C. Giromini, A. Baldi, A.A.K. Salama, G. Caja, M. Tretola, V. Caprarulo, G. Invernizzi and L. Pinotti

Evaluation of untreated field pea (Pisum sativum L.) as a protein source for laying hens
G. Ciurescu, M. Hăbeanu and C.O. Pana

Effects of dietary n-3 PUFA-rich camelina cake on fatty acids distribution in some tissue of pigs
M. Hăbeanu, M. Ropota, N.A. Lefter, G. Ciurescu, E. Ghita and T. Mihalcea

Evaluating homogeneity of TMR in dependence on feed mixing times and different loads of a TMR wagon
F.M. Tangorra, A. Agazzi, A. Costa, A. Pilotto and G. Savoini

Expander processed maize increases digestibility of nutrients and hence alters the lysine to energy
R. Puntigam, K. Schedle, C. Schwarz, E.M. Lechner and M. Gierus

Effect of feeding level on body composition of pure and crossbred lambs finished in feedlot
W. Henrique, G. Aferri, I.H.S. Fuzikawa, E.A. Oliveira, S.N. Esteves and M.M. Alencar

Body composition of purebred and crossbred lambs finished in feedlot
G. Aferri, W. Henrique, I.H.S. Fuzikawa, E.A. Oliveira, S.N. Esteves and M.M. Alencar

Performance of purebred and crossbred lambs finished in feedlot
G. Aferri, W. Henrique, I.H.S. Fuzikawa, E.A. Oliveira, S.N. Esteves and M.M. Alencar

Effect of feed restriction on performance of pure and crossbred lambs finished in feedlot
W. Henrique, G. Aferri, I.H.S. Fuzikawa, E.A. Oliveira, S.N. Esteves and M.M. Alencar

Effect of L-Selenomethionine supplementation in starter broilers
J. Michiels, J. Degroote, M. Majdeddin, A. Golian, S. De Smet, M. Rovers, A.B.J. Van Dalen and L. Segers

Changes in body condition and serum metabolites in endurance horses fed stabilized rice bran
A. Agazzi, G. Savoini, G. Farina, E. Mariani, M. Doronzo, C. Valentinelli and C. Belladelli

Effect of hydroxy copper and zinc and L-selenomethionine on claw health of sows
A.B.J. Van Dalen and I. Eising

Nutritional value of Proglobulin® in piglets
X. Guan, F. Molist, C. Van Vuure and P.J. Van Der Aar

Effect of dietary selenium source on selenium deposition in broiler muscle tissue
M. Rovers, L. Segers, I. Eising and G. Du Laing

Modifying the feeding strategy of lightest pigs helps to partly catch up their bigger counterparts
S. López-Vergé, D. Solà-Oriol, J. Bonet, J. Coma and J. Gasa

Relation between selenomethionine in dietary selenium sources and selenium deposition in broiler
S. Van Beirendonck, B. Driessen, M. Rovers, L. Segers, I. Eising, A. Ruttens and G. Du Laing

The effect of wheat microdochium content on broiler performance
M.E.E. Ball, J. Sloss and A. Catlett

Effects of different levels of wDDGS and enzyme inclusion on fatty acid concentrations of broiler br
N.B. Rano, A.S. Chaudhry and S.A. Edwards

Health and Performance of preweaned calves fed Alltech Blueprint milk replacer
M. Agovino, A.C. Berge and F. Aubry

Еffect of vitamin E in the diet of pigs on the fatty acids of muscles during frozen storage
T. Popova, M. Ignatova and P. Marinova

Seed yield, oil content and fatty acid composition of new genotypes of spineless safflower
C. Stamigna, D. Chiaretti, E. Chiaretti, P.P. Danieli, R. Primi and B. Ronchi

Effect of probiotic mixes on growth performance, mortality and incidence of diarrhea of piglets
J.E. Miranda Yuquilema, D. Sánchez Macías, A. Marin Cardenas and L. Marrero

Replacing dietary corn with sugar beet pulp on ruminal function and performance of Egyptian buffalo
H.M. El-Zaiat, H.M. Abu-Zeid, A.S. Morsy, M.F. Attia, M.A. Abaza and S.M.A. Sallam

Effect of a novel silage inoculant on fermentation profile and aerobic stability of ryegrass silage
V.J. Taha, P. Townley and J.A. Huntington

Lasalocid can manipulate macro-mineral utilisation in dairy cows
D.M. McNeill, J. Olm, M. Whybird and T. Cowper

Assessment of various forms of metals on the antioxidant activity of a selection of feed components
M.J. Concarr, L.A. Byrne and R.A. Murphy

Influence of trace minerals on feed grade phytase activity
M. Gaffney, R. O’Rourke, L. Byrne and R. Murphy

Effect of replacing soybean meal with field pea on meat quality in the diets for turkeys
R. Juodka, V. Juskiene, R. Nainiene and R. Juska

Transcriptomic signature of selenium versus zinc and iodine supplementation in sheep
F. Palazzo, R. Elgendy, F. Castellani, L. Grotta, S. Marchetti, M. Giantin, M. Dacasto and G. Martino

Inclusion of palm kernel expeller meal in barley-based concentrates for beef cattle
D. Magee, A.P. Moloney, A. Kelly, E.G. O’Riordan and M. McGee

Impact of incorporating Moringa oleifera seed meal as protein source in growing lambs rations
S.I. El-Naggar, G.A. Abou-Ward, M.A. Tawila, S.M. Gad and A.M. Ali

Effect of diet supplementation on tenderness development and on proteomic changes in lamb meat
A. Della Malva, M. Albenzio, G. Annicchiarico, M. Caroprese, A. Santillo, A. Sevi and R. Marino

In vitro evaluation of plants vegetable waste: effects on rumen fermentation
D. Tedesco, J. Parisi and L. Garavaglia

Effect of early introduction of milk replacer feeding on pre and post-weaning weight gain
J. Barry, J.P. Murphy, E. Bokkers and E. Kennedy

Effects of enhanced distillers’ grains on caecal microbiome composition in growing broiler chicks
A.A. Tonks, C. Rymer and D.T. Juniper

Effect of 4 feed additives on daily salivation and ruminal pH dynamic in lactating dairy cows
S. Stephan