Session 72. Sustainable pig production

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Application of a sustainability assessment tool on European pig farms
A.R. Ruckli, S.J. Hörtenhuber, P. Ferrari, J. Guy, J. Helmerichs, R. Hoste, C. Hubbard, N. Kasperczyk,
Leeb,A. Malak-Rawlikowska, A. Valros and S. Dippel

How to include sustainability in breeding goals – an overview
Vangen,E. Gjerlaug-Enger and K. Kolstad

Contribution of pig farming to particulate emissions: analysis of emission factors and simulations
Guingand,M. Hassouna and S. Lagadec

Is fattening immunocastrated pigs influencing the environmental impact of pork production?
Dittrich and J. Krieter

Poster summary – sustainable pig production

Consumer views on animal welfare and organic and low-input farming: Results from a European survey
J.K. Niemi and Ppilow Consortium

Review on the effects of sustainable extensification of pig husbandry on pork quality
Ludwiczak,E. Sell-Kubiak and Meat Quality Consortium

Individual trajectories of pig farming in France: mechanisms, determinants and prospects
Roguet,B. Lécuyer and L. Le Clerc

Which economic consequences to expect for pig farms around an African swine fever outbreak?
AubryandB. Duflot

The PIGWEB TNA-program: transnational access to leading European pig research installations
DeCuyper, S. Millet, H.M. Hammon, C.C. Metges and J. Van Milgen

Discussion: how can cooperation through a COST action support sustainable pig production


Derivation of multivariate indices of the environmental impact in extensive Iberian pig farms
Angon,J. García-Gudiño, I. Blanco-Penedo, M. Cantarero-Aparicio and J. Perea

Valorisation of effluents from pig production
A.C.G. Monteiro, V. Resende and O. Moreira

New reproduction index in selection of dam pig population
Krupová,E. Krupa, E. Žáková, L. Zavadilová and E. Kašná

Barriers and levers for the development of organic pig farming
Montagne,J. Faure and Origami Consortium

Spanish consumers’ attitudes towards fresh Iberian pork
Ortiz,C. Díaz-Caro, D. Tejerina, M. Escribano, E. Crespo and P. Gaspar

Economic assessment of amino acid deficiency or feed restriction during the pig fattening period
AubryandG. Daumas

Immunocastration in heavy pig production: growth performance and carcass characteristics
PesentiRossi, M. Comin, M. Borciani, M. Caniatti, E. Dalla Costa, A. Gastaldo, M. Minero, A. Motta, Piliaand S. Barbieri

Effect of immunocastration on body lesions in heavy pigs: preliminary results
Dalla Costa, G. Pesenti Rossi,A. Motta, M. Borciani, A. Gastaldo, G. Berteselli, E. Canali, M. Minero and S. Barbieri