Session 73. Equine nutrition – joint session with Animal Nutrition

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Environmentally sustainable horse feeding and management

CAP’2ER® ‘équins’: an environmental footprint calculator tested on 39 French equine systems
Rzekęć, C. Vialand S. Throude

Cattle and Esperia pony grazing sustains floristic diversity in thermo-Mediterranean garrigues
Primi,G. Filibeck, G. Salerno, M.M. Azzella, L. Cancellieri, C. Di Giovannantonio, A. Macciocchi,

P.P. Danili and B. Ronchi

Changes of pasture area in Molise region: a study over 30 years
Faticaand E. Salimei

Long-term consequences of forage presentation on horses’ welfare
Roig-Ponsand S. Briefer

A high starch vs a high fibre diet: a multidimensional approach to gut health in horse
Raspa,S. Chessa, I. Ferrocino, I. Vervuert, M.R. Corvaglia, L. Cocolin, R. Moretti, D. Bergero and Valle

Use of protected and non-protected live yeast in the digestive health of horses
Pombo,C. Vasco, Y. Pereira, H. Mazzo, A. Araújo, R. Pereira, A. Silva, M. Duarte and A. Gobesso

Soil ingestion by grazing horses and heifers
Collas,L. Briot, G. Fleurance, D. Dozias, F. Launay, C. Feidt and S. Jurjanz

Owner-reported use of feed supplements in Swiss riding horses
M.T. Dittmann, S.N. Latif and M.A. Weishaupt

Does protein concentrate supplement type effect mid-lactation milk production in grazing dairy cows?
Á. Murray, M. Dineen, T.J. Gilliland and B. McCarthy


New insight on the transmission of passive immunity in foals
Portal,R. Brouillet, I. Gaudry, M. Hilaire, F. Barbe and C. Villot

Case study on free faecal water in horses supplemented with live yeast probiotic S. cerevisiae
Barbe,D. Christensen, J. Dahl and C. Villot

Suckling frequency during the first 24 hours of life of the newborn foal
Wimel,A. Destampes and J. Auclair-Ronzaud