Session 73. Physiological indicators of animal welfare

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Date: 1 September 2016; 14:00- 18:00 hours
Chairperson: C.H. Knight


Theatre Session 73

Developing and implementing technological wellbeing evaluation in dairy animals: COST DairyCare
invited C.H. Knight, A. Castro-Costa and G. Caja

Indicators of early lactation disease in the dairy cow from the previous lactation and dry period
G.L. Smith, M.G.G. Chagunda, C.J. Ashworth and N.C. Friggens

Effect of abrupt weaning at housing on welfare biomarkers in beef suckler calves
B. Earley, E. Lynch and M. McGee

Validating activity sensors for measuring lying behaviour in dairy calves
G. Finney, S.J. Morrison, A. Gordon and G. Scoley

Processing automatic tracking data to identify interactions between Holstein-Friesian cows
S. Medisetti, B. Foris, S. Trißl, J. Langbein and N. Melzer

Assessment of novel technologies as indicators of stress in dairy origin calves
G.E. Scoley and S.J. Morrison

Can infra red thermography be used to identify ill-health and stress in pre-wean calves?
G.E. Scoley and S.J. Morrison

Expression of 11b-HSD1 mRNA in adipose tissue of dairy cows during the periparturient period
A. Alizadeh, H. Sadri, J. Rehage, S. Dänicke and H. Sauerwein

Effects of weaning conditions on metabolic parameters, growth and health of piglets
A. Buchet, C. Belloc, N. Le Floc’h and E. Merlot

Characterization of central, systemic and peripheral thermoregulation in the dromedary camel
H. Al-Tamimi and M. Daradka

Acute stress response in sheep of four different identity profiles
M. Pascual-Alonso, G.C. Miranda-De La Lama, W. Sepúlveda, L. Aguayo-Ulloa, M. Villarroel, J.A. Abecia and
G.A. María

Effects of genetic selection and production system on sheep reproduction rates and welfare
D. Gavojdian, I. Patras, G. Flutur and S. Kusza


Posters Session

Heat stress and PUFA in the diet of sheep: an ex vivo study
M.G. Ciliberti, M. Albenzio, C. Inghese, R. Mancino, R. Marino, A. Santillo and M. Caroprese

Influence of metabolic status to milk yield
M. Vlček and R. Kasarda