Session 01. Managing genetic diversity in cattle in the era of genomic selection

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Date: 28 August 2017; 08:30 – 12:00 hours
Chairperson: R.Reents / A.W.M.Roozen

Theatre Session 01

Genomic tools to improve progress and preserve variation for future generations
P.M. Vanraden

Genetic diversity of sires used in the Irish dairy industry
Hely, F.; Kearney, F.; Cromie, A.; Matthews, D.; Amer, P.

Pedigree inbreeding is not a good erestimator of true inbreeding in genomic dairy cattle breeding schemes
Thomasen, J.R.; Liu, H.; Sørensen, A.C.

Genetic diversity measures of local European cattle breeds for conservation purposes
Kukučková, V.; Moravčíková, N.; Curik, I.; Simčič, M.; Mészáros, G.; Kasarda, R.

Long-term impact of optimum contribution selection on breeds with historical introgression
Wang, Y.; Bennewitz, J.; Wellmann, R.

Using recombination to maintain genetic diversity
Segelke, D.; Heise, J.; Thaller, G.

Using genomics to manage progress and diversity: an industry perspective
Van Der Beek, S.; Geertsema, H.

Biodiversity within and between European Red dairy breeds – conservation through utilization
Hinrichs, D.; Calus, M.; De-Koning, D.J.; Bennewitz, J.; Meuwissen, T.; Thaller, G.; Szyda, J.; Tetens, J.; Juskiene, V.; Guldbrandtsen, B.

The effect of using sequence instead of a lower density SNP chip on GWAS
Van Den Berg, S.; Veerkamp, R.F.; Van Eeuwijk, F.A.; Bouwman, A.C.; Lopes, M.S.; Vandenplas, J.

Genetic trends from single-step GBLUP and traditional BLUP for production traits in US Holstein
Misztal, I.; Masuda, Y.; Vanraden, P.M.; Lawlor, T.J.

Development of genomic selection in dairy cattle in two emerging countries: South Africa and India
Ducrocq, V.; Chavinskaia, L.; Swaminathan, M.; Pande, A.; Van Niekerk, M.; Neser, F.W.C.


Poster Session 01

Genetic diversity of the Mexican and Spanish Lidia populations by using a subsetof non linked SNPs
G. Eusebi, P.A.U.L.I.N.A.; Cortés, O.S.C.A.R.; Dunner, S.U.S.A.N.A.; Cañón, J.A.V.I.E.R.

Inbreeding trend and pedigree evaluation in Polish Holstein-Friesian cattle
Sell-Kubiak, E.; Czarniecki, Ł.; Strabel, T.

Genotyping females improves genomic breeding values for new traits
Plieschke, L.; Edel, C.; Pimentel, E.C.G.; Emmerling, R.; Bennewitz, J.; Götz, K.-U.

Genetic patterns predicting fertility in Estonian dairy cattle
Värv, S.; Kaart, T.; Sild, E.; Viinalass, H.

Linkage disequilibrium and imputation power in Gyr beef cattle
Silva, J.A.I.I.V.; Ospina, A.M.T.; Maiorano, A.M.; Curi, R.A.; Cyrillo, J.N.S.G.; Mercadante, M.E.Z.

Optimum Genetic Contribution in the Swiss Original Braunvieh cattle population
Signer-Hasler, H.; Burren, A.; Bapst, B.; Frischknecht, M.; Gredler, B.; Seefried, F.R.; Garrick, D.; Stricker, C.; Schmitz-Hsu, F.; Flury, C.

First genetic analysis of four Algerian cattle populations from dense SNP data
Boushaba, N.; Tabet-Aoul, N.; Laloë, D.; Moazami-Goudarzi, K.; Saïdi-Mehtar, N.