Session 02. Environmental impact on cattle genetics and breeding strategies

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Theatre Session

Strategies for deriving auxiliary traits for lameness prediction and breeding value estimation
K. Schodl, B. Fuerst-Waltl, C. Egger-Danner and D4dairy-Consortium

Estimation of genetic parameters for dairy cattle behaviour traits generated by AMS
R. Schafberg, F. Rosner and H.H. Swalve

Genotype by environment interaction for persistency of production in multiparous SA Holsteins
M. Van Niekerk, F.W.C. Neser, J.B. Van Wyk and V. Ducrocq

Preliminary evidence of genes associated with milk fatty acid profile in different cow breeds
M. Milanesi, C. Marchitelli, M. Contò, D. Pietrucci, G. Chillemi and A. Crisà

Influence of pedigree on effective population size in European Red Dairy Cattle
M. Jakimowicz, T. Suchocki, S. Nyman, D.-J. De Koning and J. Szyda

Benefits and perils of import in small cattle populations
J. Obsteter, J. Jenko and G. Gorjanc

Spatial modelling improves genetic evaluation in smallholder breeding programs
M.L. Selle, I. Steinsland, O. Powell, J.M. Hickey and G. Gorjanc

Heat waves effect on Brown Swiss milk yield and quality
A. Maggiolino, V. Landi, N. Bartolomeo, U. Bernabucci, A. Rossoni and P. De Palo

Predicting lifetime production and longevity of organic dairy cows from 1st or 2nd lactation data
A. Bieber, D. Hinrichs, F.N. Moser, A. Maeschli, I. Prosepe, I. Lora, G. Cozzi and F. Leiber

Transgenerational heat stress effect on genetic parameters for weight traits in dual-purpose cattle
K. Halli, K. Brügemann, M. Bohlouli, T. Yin and S. König

Physiological determinants underlying differences in feed efficiency between crossbreed beef cattle
I. Morel, G. Cantalapiedra-Hijar, F. Dohme-Meier, R. Siegenthaler and S. Lerch

Genetic evaluation of carcass traits considering different fattening systems in Switzerland
S. Kunz, S. Strasser, U. Schnyder, M. Spengeler, F.R. Seefried and P. Von Rohr

Methane emission from dairy cows measured using laser methane detectors and respiration chambers
J. Kecman, J. Heinicke, L. Grütter, B. Kuhla and H.H. Swalve

Time-lagged genotype by heat stress interaction analyses
C. Kipp, K. Brügemann, T. Yin and S. König