Session 02. Innovation in cattle husbandry and land use

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Date: 28 August 2017; 08:30 – 12:00 hours
Chairperson: R.Keatinge / P.Galama

Theatre Session 02

Vision systems aspects of dairy farming towards 2030
Galama, P.; Koning De, K.; Kuipers, A.

Dairy farmers’ attitudes towards farm animal welfare and animal welfare programs
Heise, H.; Theuvsen, L.

Analysis of dairy farmers’ expectations and challenges in four European countries
Klopčič, M.; Malak-Rawlikowska, A.; Stalgiene, A.; Kuipers, A.

Stakeholder opinions on development paths, opportunities and barriers in dairy sector
Kuipers, A.; Malak-Rawlikowska, A.; Stalgiene, A.; Kristof, P.; Klopcic, M.

Model-based analysis of fertility components in dairy cows
Derks, M.; Blavy, P.; Friggens, N.C.; Blanc, F.; Martin, O.

Heritability of methane emission from dairy cows measured in production environment over long time period
Pszczola, M.; Rzewuska, K.; Mucha, S.; Strabel, T.

Relative Importance of factors affecting GHG emissions and profitability of dairy farms
Zehetmeier, M.; Zerhusen, B.; Meyer-Aurich, A.; Hoffmann, H.; Müller, U.K.

Milk production and grazing behavior of dairy cows grazing two timing of pasture and herbage mass
Beltran, I.; Morales, A.; Gregorini, P.; Balocchi, O.; Pulido, R.G.

A method to estimate cow potential and subsequent milk responses to dietary changes
Daniel, J.B.; Friggens, N.C.; Van Laar, H.; Sauvant, D.

Extracellular vesicles: a new paradigm in cell communication controlling the success of reproduction
Mermillod, P.; Alcantara-Neto, A.; Corbin, E.; Tsikis, G.; Labas, V.; Bauersachs, S.; Alminana, C.

Production and fertilityof Norwegian Red crosses compared with Holstein in different US regions and Canada
Rinell, E.; Heringstad, B.

The effective population size. Difficulties of practical interpretation
Gutiérrez, J.P.


Poster Session 02

Automatic Milking Rotary AMR™ in practical use – Investigations on the success rate of attachment, c
Scholz, H.; Harzke, A.; Moik, M.; Kühne, P.; Füllner, B.

Changes in SCC and their origin depending on milking phase in organic and conventional dairy cattle
Wójcik, P.; Dudko, P.; Mucha, A.

Using motion sensors fitted in collars to monitor behaviour of grazing cattle
Maxa, J.; Thurner, S.; Kaess, M.; Wendl, G.

Prediction of calving from prepartum intravaginal temperature and electric resistance of cows.
Kamada, H.

Effect of ketone bodies on milk freezing point of Polish Holstein-Friesian cows
Otwinowska-Mindur, A.; Ptak, E.; Zarnecki, A.

Body and milk traits as indicator of cow’s energy status
Mäntysaari, P.; Kokkonen, T.; Grelet, C.; Mäntysaari, E.A.; Lidauer, M.H.

Impact of body condition at calving on milk production and reproduction
Ule, A.; Klopčič, M.

Comparison of definitions for lactation persistency in Polish Holstein-Friesian cattle
Graczyk, M.; Mucha, S.; Jamrozik, J.; Strabel, T.

Quantile regression mixed model at different milk production levels of Iranian Holsteins
Naeemipour Younesi, H.; Shariati, M.O.H.A.M.M.A.D.; Zerehdaran, S.; Jabbari Noghabi, M.; Lovendahl, P.

Situation and prospects of livestock farms in the Umbrian areas, affected by the earthquake in 2016.
Morbidini, L.; Pauselli, M.; Luciano, G.; Grohmann, D.

Microbial protein and milk production of dairy cows grazing two timing of pasture and herbage mass
Beltran, I.; Morales, A.; Gregorini, P.; Balocchi, O.; Pulido, R.G.

Decreasing from 9 to 7 days the length of progesterone does not affect timed AI in Nellore cows
Santos, M.H.; Ferraz Junior, M.V.C.; Polizel, D.M.; Miszura, A.A.; Oliveira, G.B.; Bertoloni, A.V.; Barroso, J.P.R.; Gobato, L.G.M.; Susin, I.; Pires, A.V.