Session 03. Effective population size as a tool for the management of animal genetic resources

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Date: 28 August 2017; 08:30 – 12:15 hours
Chairperson: I.Curik

Theatre Session 03

The effective population size. Difficulties of practical interpretation
Gutiérrez, J.P.

The effective population size and its relevance in the conservation of farm animal genetic resources
Invited Toro, M.A.

Long term survival of populations with small effective population size and many genetics defects
Windig, J.J.

Trends in genome-wide and region-specific diversity reflect Holstein Friesian breeding history
Doekes, H.P.; Veerkamp, R.F.; Hiemstra, S.J.; Bijma, P.; Windig, J.J.

Use of genealogical information in the assessment of genetic diversity in native cattle breeds
Addo, S.; Schäler, J.; Hinrichs, D.; Thaller, G.

Impact of conservation schemes on genetic variability
Leroy, G.; Baumung, R.; Gicquel, E.; Danchin-Burge, C.; Furre, S.; Sabbagh, M.; Fernandez Martin, J.

Effective population size estimated from genomic data in a turbot aquaculture population
Saura, M.; Fernández, A.; Villanueva, B.; Toro, M.A.; Cabaleiro, S.; Martínez, P.; Millán, A.; Hermida, M.; Blanco, A.; Fernández, J.

Variation in recombination rate and its genetic determinism in Sheep population
Petit, M.; Fabre, S.; Sarry, J.; Moreno, C.; Servin, B.

Effective population size in four Lithuanian horse breeds
Sveistiene, R.; Rackauskaite, A.

Population structure analysis of the New World Creole cattle
Mészáros, G.; Naves, M.; Martínez, R.; Lucero, C.; Sölkner, J.

Population structure and genetic diversity of Bovec sheep from Slovenia – preliminary results
Simčič, M.; Žan Lotrič, M.; Bojkovski, D.; Ciani, E.; Medugorac, I.

Genetic resources conservation of two local population of Central European honeybee in Poland
Polak, G.M.; Chelminska, A.


Poster Session 03

Estimating the genetic diversity of Rhodeus amarus populations in caspian sea`s river by PCR-RFLP
Jafari Kenari, S.; Rahimi Mianji, G.H.; Rahmani, H.; Farhadi, A.

A molecular analysis of the patterns of genetic diversity in local chickens from western Algeria.
Mahammi, F.Z.; Gaouar, S.B.S.; Tabet Aoul, N.; Laloe, D.; Faugeras, R.; Rognon, X.; Tixier-Boichard, M.; Saidi-Mehtar, N.

The present and future role of native breeds of cattle in Poland
Sosin-Bzducha, E.M.; Chełmińska, A.

The survey of population structure and genetic variability of Iranian Turkmen horse breed
Zandi, M.B.; Khalili, M.; Badbarin, N.