Session 04. Effects of heat stress and other environmental challenges on the physiology of livestock

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Theatre Session

Faecal metabolites as biomarkers of diet and heat stress in dairy cows
A. Ruiz-Gonzalez, J.E. Rico and D.E. Rico

Effects of heat stress on performance and gastrointestinal tract microbiome of weaned calves
A.B.P. Fontoura, M.X. Rodrigues, E. Grilli, M.E. Van Amburgh, R.C. Bicalho and J.W. McFadden

Milk fatty acids as markers of heat stress in cows fed diets with varying protein composition
A. Ruiz-Gonzalez, A. Celemin, Y.H. Leung, A. Kenez, P.Y. Chouinard, H. Lapierre, D.R. Ouellet, R. Gervais and D.E. Rico

Early detection of heat stress in grazing dairy cows by use of behavioural and physiological traits
A. Pontiggia, A. Münger, L. Eggerschwiler, D. Stucki, S. Ammer, R. Bruckmaier, F. Dohme-Meier and N. Keil

Individual differences in the physiological response to heat stress of dairy goats
M. Ramon, S. González-Luna, S. Serhan, A.A.K. Salama, A. Molina, M. Sánchez, C. Díaz, X. Such, G. Caja and M.J. Carabaño

Faecal microbiota and their association with heat stress in Chinese Holstein cows
B. Czech, K. Wang, S. Chen, Y. Wang and J. Szyda

Identification of heat stress responsive transcripts in Sprague-Dawley rats using mixed linear model
K. Kotlarz, M. Mielczarek, T. Suchocki, J. Dou, Y. Wang and J. Szyda

Impact of heat stress on physiological characteristics and nitrogen utilisation in growing pigs
P. Bikker, E. Parand, V. Van Der Nat, H.R. Kim and A. Jansman

Betaine and zinc effect on growth and plasma variables of Iberian pigs under long term heat stress
Z. Pardo, I. Seiquer, M. Lachica, R. Nieto, L. Lara and I. Fernandez-Figares

Relationships of stress during fall corral weaning with future productive performance in beef cattle
L. Braga, R. Palme, S. Miller, M. Sargolzaei and Y. Montanholi

Energy balance and feed restriction effects on milk fatty acids and metabolic profile of beef cows
K. Orquera, M. Blanco, J.R. Bertolín, J. Ferrer and I. Casasús

Effect of feeding and shelter management on age at first ejaculation in Murrah buffalo bulls
P. Singh, C.K. Prashad, S.V. Singh, M. Mukesh and S.S. Lathwal

Poster Session

Effect of feed restriction on lactating Charolais cows
P.M. Martin, A. Vinet, F. Launay, D. Dozias, D. Maupetit, J. Sapa and G. Renand

Heat tolerance indices for local sheep breeds in the Mediterranean-Karagouniko & Barki case studies
M.A. Karatzia, A.M. Aboulnaga, M. El Shafie, D. Tsiokos, T. Abdelsabour, C. Ligda, T. Abdelkhalik and E.N. Sossidou

Challenges of 16S rRNA analysis in Chinese Holstein cows under heat stress condition
B. Czech, K. Wang, S. Chen, Y. Wang and J. Szyda

Development of a gut barrier failure model in broiler using a rye-wheat based diet and heat stress
C. Emsenhuber, B. Doupovec, B. Grenier, V. Nagl and N. Reisinger

In silico prophylactic supplement for acute heat stress from expressed sequence tags of chicken
I.W.S. Mahardhika, F.N.L. Hida and B.S. Daryono

The effects of HeatAntistress on dairy cattle performance during increased heat stress periods
A. Plomaritou, D. Tsolakis, T. Michou, E. Sourla, K. Naselos, C. Papatzikou and A. Foskolos

Prediction of the effects of heat stress on the farrowing rate in sows
D. Renaudeau, B. Dénecé, P. Corre, B. Badouard and J.Y. Dourmad