Session 04. Mult-disciplinary approaches for pig breeders for a sustainable production

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Date: 28 August 2017; 08:30 – 12:15 hours
Chairperson: P.Trevisi

Theatre Session 04

Multi-disciplinary approaches for improving complex traits: a case study in feed efficiency
Quintanilla, R.; Torrallardona, D.; Badiola, I.; Fàbrega, E.; Ramayo-Caldas, Y.; Sánchez, J.P.

“pigFit” – Molecular genetic analysis of immune traits associated with piglet survival
Invited Heuß, E.; Pröll, M.J.; Große-Brinkhaus, C.; Henne, H.; Appel, A.K.; Schellander, K.; Tholen, E.

Genetics background as a considerable factor affecting gut microbiota and gene expression of healthy piglets
Luise, D.; Motta, V.; Bertocchi, M.; Bosi, P.; Trevisi, P.

Genetic correlation between the residual energy intake of purebred and crossbred pigs
Godinho, R.M.; Bergsma, R.; Sevillano, C.A.; Guimarães, S.E.F.; Silva, F.F.; Bastiaansen, J.W.M.

Copy number variations in two Finnish pig breeds
Iso-Touru, T.; Sevón-Aimonen, M.-L.; Fischer, D.; Serenius, T.; Uimari, P.; Sironen, A.

Organic enrichment material in pig husbandry: any risk for animal health?
Wagner, K.M.; Schulz, J.; Kemper, N.

Quality of PDO Noir de Bigorre pork products according to pig feeding and season in extensive system
Lebret, B.; Lenoir, H.; Fonseca, A.; Faure, J.; Mercat, M.J.

Influence of rearing environment on growth rate and meat characteristics of highly muscled pigs
Juskiene, V.; Juska, R.; Juodka, R.; Leikus, R.

Fitting the “parity curve”: application of random regression to litter size in pigs
Sell-Kubiak, E.; Knol, E.F.; Mulder, H.A.

Precision feeding reduces N and P excretion in growing pigs reared in high ambient temperatures
Santos, L.S.; Campos, P.H.R.F.; Hauschild, L.; Silva, W.C.; Gobi, J.P.; Veira, A.M.; Pomar, C.

Effect of slaughter weight and sex on carcass composition, N- and P- efficiency of pigs
Van Den Broeke, A.; Leen, F.; Aluwé, M.; Van Meensel, J.; Millet, S.

Multi-objective formulation, a method to formulate eco-friendly and economic feed for monogastrics
Dusart, L.; Méda, B.; Espagnol, S.; Ponchant, P.; Gaudré, D.; Wilfart, A.; Garcia-Launay, F.


Poster Session 04

Pig genotypes associated with ETEC susceptibility and the fucosylation of the intestinal mucosa
Trevisi, P.; Pelagalli, G.; Luise, D.; Motta, V.; Mazzoni, M.; Bosi, P.

Effect of GPAT1 gene polymorphisms on pork quality
Mitka, I.; Tyra, M.; Ropka-Molik, K.

Association of selected GPAT1 gene polymorphisms with slaughter traits in pigs
Mitka, I.; Ropka-Molik, K.; Tyra, M.

Identifying genes associated with feed efficiency in pigs by integrative analysis of transcriptome
Ramayo-Caldas, Y.U.L.I.A.X.I.S.; Ballester, M.A.R.I.A.; González-Rodríguez, O.L.G.A.; Sánchez, J.U.A.N.P.A.B.L.O.; Revilla, M.A.N.U.E.L.; Torrallardona, D.A.V.I.D.; Quintanilla, R.A.Q.U.E.L.

Effects of feed restriction on pig skeletalmuscle transcriptome
Ballester, M.; Amills, M.; González-Rodríguez, O.; Figueiredo-Cardoso, T.; Pascual, M.; Mármol-Sánchez, E.; Tibau, J.; Quintanilla, R.

Evaluation of protein level and lysine:net energy ratio in finishing pigs
Yun, W.; Lee, J.H.; Lee, C.H.; Kwak, W.G.; Liu, S.D.; Kim, I.H.; Cho, J.H.

Characteristics of high and low prolific sows on high-performing Spanish farms
Tani, S.; Piñeiro, C.; Koketsu, Y.

Culling risks for served females and farrowed sows at consecutive parities in commercial herds
Tani, S.; Piñeiro, C.; Koketsu, Y.