Session 05. Insects as feed and bioremediation tool

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Theatre Session

Insect-fed poultry value chains: trade-offs between opportunities and risks
H.W. Saatkamp, Y. Aartsma, H. Hogeveen and M. Dicke

Is the use of live insect larvae as environmental enrichments able to improve broiler welfare?
I. Biasato, S. Bellezza Oddon, E. MacChi, G. Chemello, L. Gasco and A. Schiavone

Impact of dietary black soldier fly larvae on laying hen performance, egg quality and lipid profile
P.H. Patterson, N. Acar and E.A. Koutsos

Selenium biofortification of Hermetia illucens prepupae
L. Ferrari, M. Ottoboni, S. Mazzoleni, F. Defilippo, P. Bonilauri, R. Ørnsrud and L. Pinotti

Inclusion of Tenebrio molitor in broiler feeds as a partial substitution for hipro soybean meal
K.J. Hawkey, Z.C.T.R. Daniel, G. Bone, T. Parr, J.M. Brameld and A. Salter

Practical, semi-purified diets for protein requirement determination in Hermetia illucens larvae
S. Bellezza Oddon, I. Biasato and L. Gasco

Production and optimization of Hermetia illucens (L.) larvae reared on former foodstuffs
A. Gligorescu, C. Fischer, J. Fynbo and B. Larsen

Effect of dietary crude protein on growth performance of mealworms (Tenebrio molitor)
B.R. Paulicks, A. Vorndran, S. Kuenz and W. Windisch

Suitability of agro-by-products for the rearing of Zophobas morio and Alphitobius diaperinus larvae
C.I. Rumbos, D.G.A.B. Oonincx, M. Gourgouta, V. Michail, I.T. Karapanagiotidis, A. Asimaki, E. Mente and C.G. Athanassiou

Safety of black soldier fly (Hermetia illucens) larvae reared on substrates with veterinary drugs
E.F. Hoek – Van Den Hil, M.G.M. Van De Schans, G. Bor and H.J. Van Der Fels-Klerx

Growth and nutrient conversion of BSF larvae fed substrates varying in chemical composition
T. Veldkamp, K. Van Rozen, P. Van Wikselaar, H.J.H. Elissen and R.Y. Van Der Weide

Rearing density and dietary inclusion of cassava and taro leaves on growth performance in crickets
D. Cruz, H. Arevalo and D. Vernot

Poster Session

Replacement of conventional fat sources by black soldier fly larvae fat in weaned piglet nutrition
D. Gardan-Salmon, M. Bézagu, J.C. Besnard, V. Bégos and M. Walraven

Effects of four mycotoxins on survival, growth and toxin accumulation in Musca domestica larvae
K. Niermans, H.J. Van Der Fels-Klerx, E.F. Hoek- Van Den Hil and J.J.A. Van Loon

Effect of yellow mealworm meal on growth performance and some welfare traits of broilers
S. Vasilopoulos, I. Giannenas, S. Savvidou, E. Bonos, C. Rumbos, S. Andreadis, G. Skoulakis, E. Papadopoulos, P. Fortomaris and C. Athanassiou

Effects of dietary yellow mealworm on meat composition and liver genes’ expression of broilers
S. Vasilopoulos, I. Giannenas, E. Bonos, C. Rumbos, S. Savvidou, E. Sidiropoulou, I. Skoufos, A. Tzora, G. Michailidis and C. Athanassiou

Dietary yellow mealworm effects on intestine and liver architecture of broilers
S. Vasilopoulos, I. Stylianaki, E. Bonos, I. Giannenas, E. Papadopoulos, C. Rumbos, S. Savvidou, K. Grigoriadou and C. Athanassiou

Effects of replacing soybean with black soldier fly (Hermetia illucens) in different swine tissues
I. Vieira, A. Alvarado, J. Catarino, O. Moreira, P. Faísca and D. Murta

Consumption preference of feed including Tenebrio molitor flour in slow-growing chickens
J. Nieto, J. Plaza, J.A. Abecia, I. Revilla and C. Palacios

Partially defatted black soldier fly meal inclusion in juvenile Pacific white shrimp diets
C. Guidou, C. Trespeuch, E. De Swaef and J. Dantas-Lima

Effect of the protein level in diets for growth of Tenebrio molitor larvae
A. Remiro, S. Remón and M. Fondevila

Can agro-based wastes be a sustainable approach to improve soil health and productivity?
C. Malheiro, A.M.V.M. Soares, D. Murta, R.G. Morgado and S. Loureiro

Isolation and identification of dominant bacteria from black soldier fly larvae for practical uses
E. Gorrens, L. Van Moll, L. Frooninckx, J. De Smet and L. Van Campenhout

Bioremediation of poultry and pig manure by black soldier fly (Hermetia illucens) larvae
C. Ligeiro, R. Nunes, M.A. MacHado, D. Murta, M.A. Castelo-Branco, R. Menino and O. Moreira

Development of housefly larvae on manure from herbivores, omnivores and carnivores
A.U. Nayak, D.G.A.B. Oonincx, J.J.A. Van Loon and G. Bosch

Formulated fly perfume for oviposition control – developing FlyScent odour attractants using PTR-MS
Q. Nguyen, Y. Gilad, J. Fynbo and A. Gligorescu

Partially defatted black soldier fly meal inclusion in feed of different species
C. Guidou and C. Trespeuch