Session 05. Physiological limits for production efficiency

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Date: 28 August 2017; 08:30 – 12:00 hours
Chairperson: C.H.Knight

Theatre Session 05

Strategies to achieve a sustainable dairy cow production under consideration of physiological limits
Gross, J.J.; Bruckmaier, R.M.

Metabolic profiling of calves reared on whole milk versus milk replacer in a metabolomics approach
Kenez, A.; Korst, M.; Koch, C.; Romberg, F.J.; Eder, K.; Sauerwein, H.; Huber, K.

New insights into the physiology of mineral homeostasis in lactation from beef cows
Anderson, S.T.; Benvenutti, M.; Spiers, J.; Goodwin, K.; Kidd, L.; Fletcher, M.T.; Dixon, R.M.

Explaining average daily gain variability using blood metabolic and immune traits in two pig lines differing in feed efficiency and housed in contrasted hygiene conditions
Chatelet, A.; Le Floc’h, N.; Gondret, F.; Friggens, N.C.

Roles of size, behavior, metabolites and body composition in the variation of cattle feed efficiency
Fontoura, A.B.P.; Montanholi, Y.R.; Ward, A.K.; Swanson, K.C.

Immune function, colostrum and blood metabolomics in performance tested beef heifers at peripartum
Peripolli, V.; Kenez, A.; Fontoura, A.; Karrow, N.; Miller, S.; Montanholi, Y.

Relationship between milk fat and urea, cow productivity and reproduction indices in the dairy herd
Sematovica, I.; Liepa, L.

Performance of Dorper x Santa Inês lambs with divergent efficiency for residual body weight gain
Nascimento, E.M.; Figueiredo, M.; Alves Filho, L.M.; Lourenço, J.C.S.; Bach, C.I.S.; Nascimento, W.G.; Fernandes, S.R.; Garcez Neto, A.F.

Effects of feed offer length on commercial traits, heart and liver weight of broiler chickens
Karimi, A.; Hosseini, R.; Razaghzadeh, S.

Bad news about production efficiency
Huber, K.; Sauerwein, H.

Towards defining efficiency: a systems and an animal oriented dialogue
Huber, K.; Zehetmeier, M.; Sauerwein, H.; Tichit, M.

Methane production, rumen fermentation, and digestibility of Holstein and Jersey dairy cows
Olijhoek, D.W.; Løvendahl, P.; Lassen, J.; Hellwing, A.L.F.; Höglund, J.K.; Weisbjerg, M.R.; Noel, S.J.; Mclean, F.; Højberg, O.; Lund, P.


Poster Session 05

Development of an ELISA for the acute-phase protein alpha 1-acid glycoprotein (AGP) in cattle
Blees, T.; Catozzi, C.; Urh, C.; Dänicke, S.; Häussler, S.; Sauerwein, H.; Ceciliani, F.

Performance of Dorper x Santa Inês lambs with divergent efficiency for residual feed intake
Figueiredo, M.; Nascimento, E.M.; Rodrigues, T.; Bach, C.I.S.; Maggioni, H.; Nascimento, W.G.; Fernandes, S.R.; Garcez Neto, A.F.

Evaluation of the suitability of a marker for oxidative stress in dairy cows of a dual purpose breed
Urh, C.; Ettle, T.; Gerster, E.; Mohr, U.; Sauerwein, H.

Plasma homocysteine concentrations vary due to group in commercially raised Australian pigs
Di Giacomo, K.; Cottrell, J.J.; Dunshea, F.R.; Leury, B.J.

Binding and distribution of cortisol in bovine and equine saliva and plasma during ACTH challenge
Schwinn, A.-C.; Sauer, F.; Gerber, V.; Gross, J.J.; Bruckmaier, R.M.