Session 06. Sensing dynamics in livestock physiology disruption through images and other non-invasive alternatives

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Theatre Session

Sensors for animals in future food systems – Farmworx approach
S. Neethirajan, I. Reimert, A.V. Knegsel, I. Van Dixhoorn, L. Bolhuis, H. Brand and B. Kemp

Measuring sickness recovery with thermal imaging
S.P. Parois, T.B. Rodenburg, L.E. Van Der Zande, H. Telkänranta, B. Kemp and J.E. Bolhuis

Use of thermal imaging in the detection of claw disorders in dairy cows
L. Frondelius, H. Lindeberg, S. Ruuska, T. Koistinen and M. Pastell

Using thermal imaging to detect tail tip alterations in dairy cows
S. Meier, K. Abel and P.V. Kremer-Rücker

Interest of 3D imaging technology to study feed efficiency in dairy cows
A. Lebreton, P. Faverdin and Y. Le Cozler

A preliminary study of changes in circadian rhythmicity of sheep around lambing
J.A. Abecia, C. Palacios, S. Luis and A. Bjarnason

Inertial sensors to classify animal behaviour and quantify pasture intake in grazing ruminants
A.B. Ingham, F.A. Alvarenga, P.L. Greenwood, R. Arablouei, P. Valencia, A. Rahman, D.V. Smith B.A. Little and G.J. Bishop-Hurley

Indirect approaches of digestive processes to determine feed efficiency in dairy cows
P. Faverdin, A. Fischer, A. Lebreton, C. Xavier and Y. Le Cozler

Evaluation of two wireless rumen pH sensors for dairy cows
F. Schori and A. Münger

Associations between liver ultrasounds measurements and productivity indicators in Holstein cows
M. Piazza, D. Giannuzzi, R. Tessari, E. Fiore, M. Gianesella, S. Pegolo, S. Schiavon, E. Trevisi, P. Ajmone Marsan, A. Cecchinato and L. Gallo

Poster Session

Use of thermal images to search for roe deer fawns before mowing
J. Mačuhová, T. Wiesel and S. Thurner

Vocal and behavioural differences of lambs between different sheep breeds
K. Papadaki, G.P. Laliotis, P. Koutsouli and I. Bizelis

Do the lambs selected for better feed efficiency have the same feeding behaviour?
C. Marie-Etancelin, J.L. Weisbecker, D. Marcon and F. Tortereau

Explaining cattle weights with environmental and animal traits
V. Link, T. Kuntzer, S. Redmond and S. Rieder

Relation between milk urea nitrogen and urine nitrogen excretion in dairy cows as depending on breed
J. Braun, A. Burren, M. Kreuzer, T. Kupper and S. Probst

Determining colour in the CIELab space of bovine and porcine longissimus dorsi using computer vision
A. Catharina Batista, M. Almeida, C. Guedes, V. Santos, J. Manuel Almeida, A. Teixeira and S. Silva

Biomarkers in milk as predictors for metabolic health status of dairy cows during early lactation
S. Heirbaut, X. Jing, L. Vandaele and V. Fievez

Multicolour flow cytometry for quality control of frozen bovine sperm and bull fertility prognostics
E. Malama, M. Siuda, I. Ibanescu, S. Wyck, T. Kompara, U. Witschi and H. Bollwein